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Hiking and Trekking Equipment, find your equipment!

Fancy a getaway to the summits? Equip yourself with the best outdoor gear and clothing to put one foot in front of the other. Here is an overview of products adapted for hiking at low, medium and high altitudes. We have selected the best equipment so you can enjoy it without a hitch.


The essentials !

Hiking, a total escape

Whether you walk around your house for a few hours or head to the other side of the planet for a multi-day trek , hiking is a healthy physical activity for both the body and the mind.

Combining physical effort and contemplation, hiking can be enjoyed alone as well as with family or friends. To fully enjoy your hike, minimum equipment is required.

Hiking shoes, the basics

The first piece of equipment for hiking safely and in optimal comfort is a pair of hiking shoes .

Low upper, medium upper (also called or mid), high upper, hiking shoes come in many shapes to adapt to your needs, the terrain on which you are walking, and the way you walk. Natural leather, nubuck, synthetic, with waterproof membrane or not, discover our selection of shoes from the biggest brands, including Lowa and Millet .

Textiles dedicated to hiking have also made enormous progress. Lightweight, breathable, ensuring complete freedom of movement, the t-shirts , shorts and hiking pants guarantee comfort and performance in all circumstances.

A good pair of shoes is the first investment to consider before embarking on hiking

Appropriate clothing...

Depending on the season and the altitude, a baselayer , a fleece and/or a down jacket will prove very useful, even essential to face a drop in temperatures. With or without hoods, more or less thick, in synthetic or natural materials, fleeces and down jackets will provide you with a pleasant amount of warmth.

Lagoped , Millet , Nosc , Rab , Rossignol , discover the Muule selection of second layer clothing.

Ensuring faster and more economical walking, hiking poles reduce muscle fatigue and limit the risk of falls and injuries. Telescopic or foldable, with cone or wheel system,
in aluminum or carbon, the hiking poles offered, among others, by Lafuma or Summit Poles have many advantages and will make your walk both safer and more pleasant.

Technical t-shirts and pants, poles... Be well equipped to make the most of

...combining look and technicality

Whatever the weather, it is essential to always take a hiking jacket with you when venturing out on average and even more so in high mountains or for an excursion lasting several days.

2, 2.5 or 3 layer jacket, softshell or hardshell , there are a multitude of models - again it all depends on your budget and your practice.

Increasingly eco-designed, with recycled materials and developed to be completely recyclable at the end of their life, modern hiking jackets respond
today meets all the demands of our time: performance, comfort, style while taking care of the planet and its inhabitants.

Lagoped , Rab , Millet ,… the references of today and tomorrow are at Muule!

Elegant, light, high-performance, the hiking jacket protects you against the elements

Because a good bag changes everything

To carry your equipment, a good hiking backpack is obviously essential.

From 15 to more than 60 liters, with one or two internal compartments, equipped with a mesh or 3D foam back panel, with or without hip stabilizers, Muule helps you choose your future bag among the most beautiful brands: Deuter , Lafuma , Millet , Osprey .

Finally, because small details can make a big difference, don't forget to bring a cap or hat with you to protect you from the sun, a first aid kit to deal with minor injuries, and above all one or more water bottles to hydrate yourself regularly.

Volume, stretched or foam back, storage, accessories... You will definitely find a bag that meets your needs

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