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How do I choose my touring skis? Our essential advice:

Choosing the right touring skis is crucial for a successful mountain experience. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, several factors must be taken into account to ensure that your skis meet your needs and improve your performance.

Determine the type of Terrain:

The first consideration is the type of terrain you plan to ski on. Wide skis are preferable for powder, providing better lift. For mixed terrain or variable snow conditions, opt for medium-width touring skis.

Choose the Length and Width:

The length of the skis must correspond to your height and weight. Longer skis provide better stability at high speeds, while shorter skis are more maneuverable. Width influences buoyancy in deep snow and ease of turning.

The weight :

The weight of the skis is a crucial factor when touring. Lighter skis reduce fatigue during climbs, but may perform less well on fast descents. Find a good balance based on your fitness level and skiing style. If you are unsure about which size to choose, it may be helpful to consult a ski boot professional or specialist seller like Muule .

Camber and Rocker:

The camber and rocker of the skis influence maneuverability and buoyancy. A ski with a tip rocker makes turns easier in powder, while a cambered ski offers better grip on hard snow.

Rigidity :

Ski stiffness affects energy transmission and control. Stiff skis are stable at high speeds, but can be physically demanding. Softer skis are more forgiving and easier to handle.

The Fixings:

Make sure your skis are compatible with your touring bindings. There are specific bindings for hiking offering a good compromise between lightness and performance.

The Choice of Seal Skins:

Seal skins are essential for ski touring ascents. Choose quality skins that grip the snow well and are adapted to the length and width of your skis.

Take the time to choose your touring skis carefully, taking into account your style, your level, and the expected snow conditions. Do not hesitate to seek expert advice and test different models before making your choice. With the right skis, your hikes will be more pleasant, safe and adapted to your practice.

What are the brands of Ski Touring?

When choosing touring skis, it is essential to consider brands recognized for their quality and performance. Here are some of the

well-known brands in the field of ski touring boots, which

generally have good reputations:

Zag :

Zag is renowned for its innovative skis, often designed for advanced and expert skiers. The brand offers light, high-performance skis, ideal for hiking enthusiasts looking to combine efficient ascents and pleasant descents.

The strong points: Excellent flotation in powder snow, robust construction and innovative design.

Recommended for: Experienced skiers wanting a ski that performs well on descents while being light enough for ascents.


Dynafit is a renowned brand in the world of ski touring, appreciated for its commitment to innovation and quality. Specializing in ski mountaineering equipment, Dynafit offers a range of products specially designed for mountain enthusiasts.

Strengths: Lightness, Performance, Technical Innovation and Versatility

Recommended for: Skiers of all levels seeking a balance between uphill comfort and downhill performance.

Recommended for: skiers of all levels, from beginners to experts. They are particularly popular with serious skiers and mountaineers who are looking for reliable, lightweight and high-performance equipment for fast ascents and safe descents.


Rossignol, a giant in the world of skiing, offers a varied range suitable for all levels. Rossignol touring skis are renowned for their comfort and maneuverability.

Strong points: Great maneuverability, sliding comfort and adaptability to different snow conditions.

Recommended for: Beginner to intermediate skiers looking for reliable, easy-to-handle skis.

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