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Bivouac and camping, your equipment for adventure!

We love leaving our urban cocoon to bivouac at altitude in the great pastures after a good day of walking, rebuilding the world by the stove then waking up like the first morning in the world. It’s magical, but it can’t be improvised…

Discover our selection of equipment and our advice for sleeping, camping coolly in the wild, in all seasons!


The essentials !

Hiking, a total escape

Hiking over several days offers infinite freedom and total harmony with nature. To fully benefit from it, this activity requires a minimum of protection and equipment.

Do you want to hike light and comfortable? Then hiking in a guarded refuge is for you. You will enjoy a bed and a good meal and will only have to carry, apart from your personal effects, a sleeping bag .

Sleeping bags, comfort at your fingertips!

Sarcophagus type for maximum compactness, rectangular for more space and comfort, or tapered rectangular for those looking for the ideal compromise, the choice of shape will depend on your tastes and expectations.

The other criterion to decide is that of the padding: synthetic or feather (goose or duck down). The first offers the advantage of price and better resistance to humidity while the second offers lightness and optimal comfort. Natural padding is also often much lighter but this quality comes at a cost.

Whatever your needs, you will inevitably find the model you need among the Millet , Lafuma or Sea to Summit sleeping bags selected by Muule.

Sarcophagus or rectangular type, with synthetic or feather padding, the choice is yours!

Are you looking for adventure, communion with the mountains and absolute autonomy? Then the good option is bivouac in a tent . Depending on the season in which you plan your trip, you will need to opt for a 2, 3 or 4 season tent , the difference mainly being in the waterproofing and breathability of the ground and roof.

Depending on your priority (comfort or lightness and bulk), you will choose a Dome or Tunnel tent , the latter type of tent being particularly suitable for strong winds.

Night in a tent for total freedom

Obviously, the number of people will influence the choice of tent (2,3 or 4 people). On a technical level, there are two models: self-supporting tents and those requiring guying. Finally, the presence of one (or even two in some) apse and its size are also criteria to take into account because it offers a very useful space for storing equipment or cooking when conditions are hostile but necessarily adds weight to the room. 'together.

Some models offer great versatility by allowing you to pitch only the inner tent alone or, conversely, only the flysheet, as with Ferrino . Others, like those from the Qaou brand, even allow the double roof to be transformed into a hammock, for total modularity.

Tunnel or Dole tent, with or without apse: all configurations are possible

Your back demands a good mattress

An essential complement to the tent and sleeping bag, the inflatable mattress has now largely replaced the foam groundsheet. Both more compact and more efficient , the inflatable mattress above all provides much greater comfort , guaranteeing restful sleep. It also offers a very wide choice depending on your priorities (minimalism, insulation, comfort, etc.).

There are two types of mattresses: self-inflating and classic models . In addition to this criterion, your choice can be oriented according to its insulating power, expressed by the “R-Value” . The higher this value, the more the mattress will protect you from the cold and humidity coming from the ground.

Available in different thicknesses, lengths (to cover only the head and bust or the whole body) and widths, a mattress must be chosen carefully because it will determine the quality of your sleep, therefore your recovery and, ultimately, of the pleasure you will take in your hike.

Inflatable or self-inflating, it’s above all a matter of taste

What do we eat tonight ?

In addition to the sleeping part, an independent hike also requires you to bring cooking equipment. Always more compact, light and fast, stoves
Modern gas pumps allow water to boil for 2 or 3 minutes, or even less for the most efficient. This is particularly the case for models of the
Jetboil brand that you will find on Depending on the case, they are designed to work only with an integrated cup or accept all types of containers.

Meals have also evolved significantly, now with a wide choice of materials: stainless steel, aluminum, silicone, particularly at Sea to Summit , the latter having the advantage of being compactable and therefore taking up a minimum of space in the bag.

Finally, because small details can make a big difference, don't forget to bring a first aid kit to deal with small injuries, and especially one or more water bottles to hydrate yourself regularly.

Stove, cooking pots: these accessories allow you to make delicious dinners under the stars

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