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Sleeping bags, Hiking-bivouac

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How to choose your bed?

That's it, the long-awaited moment has soon arrived, you are going to head out into the great outdoors for several days! Shoes, stove, warm clothes... you have thought of everything, your trek promises to be unforgettable. And what about the bivouac? Because enjoying a good sleep even under the stars is absolutely essential to be able to complete your adventure, Muule has chosen to guide you in this purchase which can very quickly become complex. Find our entire selection of eco-responsible and comfortable sleeping bags so you can sleep soundly wherever you are! Before you rush headlong into purchasing the perfect sleeping bag, it's important to determine what your sleeping requirements are. You will therefore need to take into account:

Minimum and maximum temperature: Each sleeping bag is designed to provide optimal performance at well-defined temperatures. If you know that you are going to bivouac in a place that can reach very low temperatures, an insulating sleeping bag with a comfort temperature between -12 and -6°C will be preferred. Conversely, if the temperatures do not drop below zero, it will be better to choose a lighter and more breathable bag which will allow you not to be too hot during the night.

Installation conditions: if you plan to sleep in a tent or outdoors, the models to choose to stay warm will be different. For lovers of the stars, a waterproof bag to protect you from humidity will be essential.

Transport time: for an outing lasting several days, you should not forget the fact that you will have to carry your load throughout your trek or trail. Make sure that the weight of your sleeping bag matches your maximum carrying capacity.

Your sensitivity to cold: resistance to cold is different for each of us, it is important to choose a sleeping bag that corresponds to your sensitivity. If you're nervous, don't hesitate to head straight for the hottest models!

Your size: if you are a tall hiker, remember to check that the maximum length of the sleeping bag corresponds to yours, it would be a shame not to be able to bundle up properly!

Muule sleeping bags: quality at the service of eco-responsibility

At Muule, we offer different types of sleeping bags to help you find the one that best suits your outdoor practice. From the lightest suitable for use in mild temperatures, to the thickest filling ideal for the most extreme negative temperatures, our sleeping bags have been selected to meet the needs of all lovers of outdoor activities. Easy to fold and compact, our synthetic or feather sleeping bags will easily be forgotten on your backpack to allow you to transport it with ease, even for several days. Because each body type is different, you will find sleeping bags for men and women, so that everyone can protect themselves properly during the night. The Sea to Summit and Lafuma brands will offer you quality sleeping bags designed in robust and durable materials. Strongly committed to preserving their environment, these brands have proven themselves in terms of quality and are constantly innovating to offer you products that meet the demands of all outdoor enthusiasts. Any doubts about the environmental commitment of the brand you have chosen? Because transparency is an essential criterion at Muule, we have chosen to set up our barometer to guide you in your purchases. You will thus have a more precise idea of ​​the eco-responsible nature of the selected brand, but also of the measures put in place to reduce its environmental impact. You will be able to equip yourself with complete peace of mind.

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