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How to choose my ski touring boots: Complete Guide

Ski touring is a thrilling mountain adventure, but
To take full advantage of it, it is essential to choose the right shoes.
Ski touring boots play a vital role in your performance,
your comfort and safety on the slopes. In this comprehensive guide, we
will explain to you how to choose your ski touring boots, taking into account
take into account various factors so that you can make the most of your
mountain outings.

  • Determine your skill level:

The first step in choosing ski boots
is to determine your skill level. If you are
beginner, opt for versatile and comfortable shoes. Skiers
More advanced users will prefer performance-oriented models. The shoes
are generally classified into three categories: beginner, intermediate and
expert. Make sure you choose based on your skills for a
optimal skiing experience.

  • Compatibility with your bindings:

Make sure the ski touring boots you
choose are compatible with your bindings. There are two systems of
main fasteners: the insert system (Tech) and the four-way system
hooks. Make sure your shoes match the type of binding you
you use to avoid any incompatibility. Compatibility is
essential to guarantee safety and performance.

  • Comfort and fit:

Comfort is essential when skiing.
hiking, because you will spend many hours on the slopes. Take it
time to try several models of shoes to find those that offer
the best fit to your feet. Make sure they hold well
your foot in place without creating painful pressure points. A good
rule is to leave a small space for air circulation and for
keep your feet warm.

  • Flexibility and rigidity:

The stiffness of the shoe is a key factor in
performance. More aggressive skiers will prefer shoes that are more
rigid, while beginners can opt for more flexible models.
A stiffer shoe provides better power transfer, but perhaps
less comfortable for long climbs. Find the right balance in
depending on your skiing style. An intermediate option is often
recommended for versatility.

  • Weight :

The weight of ski touring boots may vary
considerably. Lightweight models are ideal for long hikes,
while heavier shoes often provide better stability
and better downhill control. Weigh the pros and cons
depending on your skiing style and your priorities. Skiers focused on
climb will favor lightness, while those who prefer descents
technicians will opt for heavier models.

  • Thermal insulation :

In ski touring, you will often face conditions
varied climates in high mountains. It is therefore essential that your shoes
provide good thermal insulation to keep your feet warm. Some
shoes have an insulating lining, while others may
be personalized with heated insoles. Take into account the
temperature and conditions you will encounter during your
exits to choose the best option.

  • Adjustment and customization:

Some ski touring boots offer
advanced adjustment and customization features. It may be
dual-zone lacing systems, thermoformable insoles or
removable foams to personalize comfort. The more you can adapt your
shoes to the shape of your feet, the more comfortable and

  • Sustainability :

Investing in durable ski touring boots is a
wise decision. You want your shoes to last several seasons, especially
if you practice regularly. Look for high quality materials,
Reinforced seams and wear-resistant buckles for durability

  • Consult experts:

If you are new to ski touring, don't hesitate to ask
advice to experts. Specialized sellers and professionals
mountain can provide you with valuable information for choosing the
right shoes based on your skill level, needs and
of your budget.

Conclusion :

Choosing the right ski touring boots is essential
to ensure a memorable and safe mountain experience. By taking into account
takes into account factors such as skill level, compatibility with
bindings, comfort, flexibility, weight, thermal insulation,
fit, durability, field testing and advice
experts, you can make an informed decision. Make sure you dedicate
time researching and trying different options to find the
perfect shoes that meet your needs and preferences. With the right shoes, you'll be ready to conquer the mountains safely.
trust. Happy hiking!

What size to choose for shoes
ski touring?

The choice of shoe size
ski touring is crucial to ensure proper fit, comfort and
performance during your mountain outings. Here are some tips for
determine the appropriate size:

  • Consult the Size Guide
    Maker :

Most shoe manufacturers
ski touring companies provide size guides specific to their
models. Check out these guides at Muule to get an idea of ​​sizing
recommended depending on the length of your foot.

  • Measure Your Feet:

Measuring your feet is the best way to determine your size
shoe with precision. Use a foot measuring device or
ruler to measure the length of your feet in centimeters. Make sure you
measure both feet, as they can sometimes be sized slightly

  • Consider the Width:

In addition to length, the width of your feet is important. Some
ski touring boot models are available in different
widths to accommodate different foot shapes. If you have feet
wider, look for suitable models.

  • Take your shoe size into account
    dress shoes :

Your shoe size
dress shoes can serve as a starting point, but remember that
ski touring shoes tend to be more fitted than traditional
everyday shoes. You may need a size of
ski boot slightly larger than your ski boot size

  • Consult a Professional:

If you are unsure about which size to choose, it may be helpful to
consult a ski boot professional or a specialized seller
like Muule . They can measure your feet,
assess the shape of your feet and recommend appropriate options by
depending on your needs.

  • Consider the Season:

Keep in mind that your feet may swell slightly due to
effort and cold when ski touring. It may therefore be wise to
choose a shoe size that provides a little extra room for
accommodate these factors.

In summary, the choice of the size of
ski touring shoes depends on the precise measurement of your feet, the
shape of your feet, width and your dress shoe size.
Do not hesitate to seek advice from a professional like Muule if you have any doubts, and make sure
try on the shoes before buying them to make sure they
provide a perfect fit. A proper fit will go a long way in
your comfort and your performance on the slopes.

Which brand should I choose for my ski touring boots ?

The choice of ski touring boot brand will depend
of various factors, including your skill level, your skiing style,
the shape of your feet and your personal preferences. Here are some of the
well-known brands in the field of ski touring boots, which
generally have good reputations:

Dynafit :

is a renowned brand in the world of ski touring. They are famous
for their lightweight, high-performance shoes, ideal for hikers

Scarpa :

is another renowned brand in the field of ski touring. They offer
a wide range of shoes, from light hiking to technical descent.

Nightingale :

is a brand well known to the public for alpine skiing and now offers a
range of quality ski touring and ski touring boots. The shoes
skis combine comfort and performance.

Dalbello :

the Italian brand Dalbello, based in
Montebelluna (like almost all ski boot manufacturers) has
specialized in convertible construction. This Cabrio construction allows the
both to put on more easily, and to have a very significant flex; Short,
it makes a difference in terms of comfort and skiability.

When choosing a brand, it is essential to consider
takes into account your skill level, your skiing style, the shape of your feet,
and try it out in store to find the model that suits you best.
better. Each brand has its own design philosophy and models
specific, so be sure to check reviews, ask for advice
to professionals and try different options to find the shoe
ski touring ski perfect for your needs.

Eco-responsible ski boot brand

When you are looking for eco-responsible ski touring boots, it
is important to choose brands that are committed to minimizing their impact
environmental while offering high quality products.

When looking for ski touring boots
eco-responsible, be sure to check the practices of each brand in
matters of sustainability and environmental impact. You can view the impact
outdoor brands thanks to the barometer
Muule transparency
. Read product descriptions and
specifications to ensure that the shoes meet your needs in
ski material while respecting the environment. By choosing to
brands committed to sustainable development, you contribute to preserving the
mountainous spaces that you like to explore.

What is the difference between ski boots?
hiking and alpine ski boots?

The main difference between ski touring boots
and alpine ski boots lie in their main use. The shoes
ski touring skis are designed for skiers who enjoy exploring the
mountain, make sealskin climbs and ski down
off road. Alpine ski boots, on the other hand, are intended for
skiers who mainly use the marked slopes of ski resorts

Flexibility and Mobility:

Ski touring boots are renowned for their
increased flexibility and mobility. They are designed to allow
skier to walk comfortably uphill, thanks to a walking mode
unlocking the collar. This facilitates sealskin climbs and
mountain crossings. Alpine ski boots, on the other hand, have a
rigid collar designed to provide greater control and better
power transmission when descending.

Weight :

Ski touring boots are generally lighter
than alpine ski boots. This lightness allows skiers to climb
more easily in the mountains, reducing fatigue during hikes. THE
Alpine ski boots are heavier, making them more suitable for
descent on the ski slopes.


The soles of ski touring boots are designed to
accommodate “Tech” type fixings (with inserts) specific to
touring skis. Alpine ski boots, for their part, are compatible
with traditional alpine bindings.

Support and Comfort:

Ski touring boots provide adequate support
for the descent, but they are also designed to be comfortable when
climbs. Alpine ski boots place more emphasis on
support and downhill performance, which can sometimes make them less
comfortable for hiking.

Conclusion :

The choice between ski touring boots and
Alpine ski boots depend on your skiing style and preferences
personal. If you are a mountain adventurer and you like
explore the wild slopes, ski touring boots are a
excellent choice. For those who prefer well-maintained trails
ski resorts, alpine ski boots are more appropriate. Some
is your choice, make sure the shoes fit well, are comfortable
and compatible with your bindings for an optimal skiing experience.

What is the budget for ski touring boots?

The budget for ski touring boots may vary
considerably depending on several factors, including brand,
model, technology, performance and market status. here are some
considerations to help you determine how much you should budget for
ski touring boots:

Competence level :

The budget may depend on your skiing skill level.
hiking. Beginner skiers can find ski boots of
hiking at a relatively affordable price, while the top models
range designed for experts may be more expensive.

Intended Use:

If you plan to go on long hikes in the mountains, you
You may want to invest more in high-quality hiking shoes.
quality that provide comfort and performance. Skiers who practice
mainly light hiking can opt for more models

Brand and model :

Major brands and popular models may have
higher prices due to their reputation and their characteristics of
point. However, some lesser-known brands also offer
great options at competitive prices.

Technology and Features:

Ski touring boots may vary depending on
their technology and characteristics. Models with
advanced features such as innovative lacing systems,
Lightweight materials and thermal insoles may cost more.

Market Status:

The ski touring boot market may be subject to
price fluctuations based on demand and supply. He can be
advantageous to look for sales, promotions or models of the season
previous to save money.

In general, you can expect to spend between €200 and
€800 (or more) for quality ski touring boots. The models
entry-level shoes are generally more affordable, while
high-end touring skis designed for experienced skiers are more
expensive. Be sure to do thorough research, consult the
advice and consult a professional like Muule
to get recommendations based on your budget and needs
specific. Investing in quality shoes can improve your
comfort, your safety and your overall ski touring experience.

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