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How to choose your pair of cycling shoes?

Choosing the right pair of cycling shoes is crucial to improving your performance, comfort, and preventing injuries during your cycling outings. Whether you're a road cyclist, mountain biker, or indoor cyclist, here are essential tips for selecting the right shoes for your needs.

  • Cycling Type and Pedal Compatibility

The first step is to identify the type of cycling you do most often. Road cycling shoes are generally lightweight and stiff for efficient power transmission. MTB shoes offer better grip and durability, with soles that make walking easier. Indoor cycling shoes, on the other hand, must be compatible with spinning bike pedals.

  • Closing system

Closure systems vary between laces, velcro, and micrometric buckles. The laces provide even pressure distribution, while the velcro and buckles allow for quick and precise adjustments. Some high-end models offer dial tightening systems for a fine, personalized fit.

  • Materials and Construction

The quality of materials directly influences the durability, weight, and comfort of your shoes. Leather uppers provide excellent comfort and durability, while synthetic materials are lightweight and aid ventilation. The rigidity of the sole, often made of carbon for high-end models, is essential for good power transmission.

  • Fit and Size

A good fit is crucial for comfort and performance. Cycling shoes should fit snugly without being too tight, leaving some room for toe movement. Measure your feet and check brand-specific sizing guides as dimensions may vary.

  • Ventilation and Insulation

For outings in hot weather, choose shoes with good ventilation. For cold and wet conditions, opt for models with good insulation and possibly waterproof protection.

  • Weight

The weight of shoes can affect your fatigue over long distances. Lighter shoes are better for competition and long rides, but may be less durable.

  • Additional Features

Some models offer additional features like adjustable insoles, toe reinforcements, and reflective elements for visibility.

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