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Hiking poles, Hiking-bivouac

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What are hiking poles used for?

Hiking poles, also known as trekking poles, are used by hikers for multiple reasons that improve both their comfort and performance while walking. At Muule we are fervent fans of hiking poles which you can find among our committed brands.

Here are the main uses and benefits of hiking poles:

  1. Improve balance and stability: Trekking poles help maintain balance on uneven, slippery or uneven terrain. They provide two additional points of contact with the ground, which is particularly useful when crossing streams, on slippery rocks or on steep descents.
  2. Reduce impact on joints: Using poles helps distribute the load more evenly between the arms and legs, reducing the impact on the knees, ankles and hips, especially when going downhill. This can be particularly beneficial for people with joint problems or looking to prevent joint wear and tear.
  3. Assisting with the climb: When going uphill, poles provide additional support, allowing hikers to use their arm strength to help propel themselves upward. This can increase efficiency and reduce leg fatigue.
  4. Increase Speed ​​and Pace: With proper technique, hiking poles can help establish a steady pace, thereby increasing walking speed without necessarily increasing perceived effort.
  5. Distribute the effort: Using poles engages the muscles of the upper body, allowing for a more balanced distribution of effort across the entire body. This can help reduce overall fatigue and increase endurance.
  6. Probing the Terrain: Poles can be used to probe the depth of mud, water or to check the stability of rocks before fully committing to them.
  7. Wildlife Defense: Although not their primary function, sticks can also be used to ward off wild animals or move branches and cobwebs from the path.

This last criterion, which concerns respect for nature, is in line with our desire to explain the responsible efforts of our brands. That's why we created the Muule Barometer to give our customers more transparency about the hiking poles they purchase.

In summary, hiking poles are versatile tools that improve the safety, comfort and performance of hikers by providing additional support, reducing impact on the body and helping to maintain a steady pace. Their use can make hiking more enjoyable and accessible, especially in difficult terrain.

Should you choose aluminum or carbon hiking poles?

Choosing between aluminum or carbon trekking poles depends on your priorities. Aluminum is more durable and cheaper, but heavier. Carbon, lighter and offering better shock absorption, is ideal for long distances, but more expensive and less resistant to violent impacts. Aluminum for strength and cost, carbon for lightness and comfort. The decision varies depending on budget, weight preference and terrain type.

Discover our brands of hiking poles made in France or made in Europe: Italbastoni,Dynafit, Summit Poles, TSL

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