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Hiking and Bivouac Equipment, find your equipment!

Motivated for a nature getaway? Equip and dress yourself to put one foot in front of the other. Here is an overview of products for hiking at low, medium and high altitude, but also our selection of equipment and our advice for sleeping, bivouacking in wild areas, in all seasons!


The essentials !

Hiking and Bivouac: the breath of fresh air you need!

Hiking and Bivouac are the key activities for outdoor enthusiasts, they offer the possibility of total immersion in the most beautiful natural environments. To fully experience these moments of adventure and escape, adequate equipment is essential, combining comfort, safety and respect for the environment.

How to choose your hiking equipment?

A successful hike begins with the choice of shoes adapted. It is important to favor models offering good ankle support and a non-slip sole, adapted to the terrain. Clothing should be chosen based on the weather and environment: breathable clothing for hot climates, insulating and waterproof layers for colder or humid environments.

An ergonomic backpack , with a good carrying system , allows you to easily carry everything you need. It should include water , nutritious snacks , a map or GPS, a first aid kit and, depending on the length of the hike, bivouac equipment. Hiking poles are also an asset, providing better balance and reducing stress on the joints.

What equipment should you choose for the Bivouac?

Bivouac requires specific equipment to spend a comfortable night outdoors. A lightweight, durable tent is essential. It must be easy to assemble and offer protection against bad weather. The choice of sleeping bag must be made according to the season: more insulating for cold nights and lighter for summer. An insulating groundsheet is also important to protect against the cold and humidity of the ground.

Bivouac cooking is simplified but essential. Astove portable, light and efficient, is ideal for preparing warm and comforting meals. Compact and multifunctional kitchen utensils help optimize space and weight in the bag.

What is Muule’s Eco Responsible commitment?

We want to define Muule as an eco-responsible distributor of outdoor brands. At Muule we stand out for our firm commitment to transparency and respect for the environment. This is why a unique transparency barometer was created jointly with Air coop , an independent impact firm from Annecy. This tool made available to our customers ensures clarity on the Eco-design, the Manufacturing Chain and the Social Responsibility of the brands offered on the site. This barometer meets the demands of consumers aware of their environmental impact. By choosing Muule, outdoor enthusiasts support a brand that combines a passion for adventure and environmental responsibility, while enjoying high-quality, durable products. This differentiating approach from Muule helps raise awareness by attracting those who seek to combine love of nature and eco-responsible actions.

For more information on choosing your equipment and to discover our Hiking/Bivouac selection, visit our Muule website.

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