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How to choose running shoes? The complete guide:

Choosing the right running shoes is fundamental to improving your performance, preventing injuries and increasing your comfort while running. Here are key tips for selecting the ideal running shoes.

  • Identify your stride type

Knowing your stride type (pronator, neutral or supinator) is crucial to choosing shoes that provide the right support. Specialized stores often offer stride analyzes to help you in your choice.

  • Consider Cushioning

Cushioning is essential to absorb shock and reduce the impact on your joints. Heavier runners or those who run on hard surfaces may benefit from superior cushioning. However, too much cushioning can reduce responsiveness and ground contact.

  • Make sure the fit is correct

Your running shoes should be comfortable from the first time you try them on. Leave about an inch of space between your toes and the front of the shoe to allow your feet to expand while running.

  • Consider the drop

The drop, or difference in height between the heel and forefoot, influences your running posture. A low drop promotes a more natural stride, while a high drop can be beneficial for runners needing heel support.

  • Choose according to your terrain

  Road running shoes differ from those designed for trails. The former are generally lighter and offer cushioning designed for hard surfaces, while the latter have a more robust sole and better grip for uneven terrain. For personalized advice, do not hesitate to consult a running expert or a specialized seller like Muule .

  • Prioritize sustainability

Look for shoes made with quality materials that hold up to mileage of wear. Good running shoes should be able to accompany you for several hundred kilometers.

  • Don't neglect style

While functionality is key, choosing a pair of shoes that appeals to you aesthetically will motivate you to put them on and run regularly.

  • Test before you buy

If possible, try the shoes on at the end of the day (when your feet are slightly swollen) and, ideally, do a short test run on an in-store treadmill.

By following these tips, you will be able to choose running shoes that will not only enhance your running experience but will also help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals.

What are the best brands of Running Shoes?

When it comes to choosing running shoes, it is essential to look to brands recognized for their quality and innovation. Veets, Craft and Veja are three brands that stand out in the field of running, each bringing its own strengths and specialties. Let's find out what makes these brands essential for runners.

  • Veets : Performance at the Heart of Design

Veets, a French brand, has quickly established itself in the world of running thanks to its commitment to performance and innovation. Veets shoes are designed with the needs of runners in mind, providing an excellent balance of cushioning, responsiveness and comfort. With a design focused on runner biomechanics, Veets aims to optimize stride efficiency while reducing the risk of injury, making it a preferred choice for demanding runners.

  • Craft : Comfort and Technicality

Craft is recognized in the sports world for its high-quality technical clothing, and it brings the same level of expertise to its running shoes. Craft shoes stand out for their comfort, durability and support, adapting to different types of runners and terrains. Whether you're a marathon runner or an occasional runner, Craft offers shoes that meet your specific needs, always prioritizing performance and protection.

  • Veja : Eco-responsibility and Style

Veja is not just a fashion brand; it has also entered the world of running with shoes that combine style, durability and ethics. Veja running shoes are made from eco-friendly and fair trade materials without compromising performance. This brand is ideal for runners concerned about their environmental impact, offering a running option that respects the planet while providing the support and comfort necessary for running.

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