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Lifestyle: Down jackets, Luggage, Jackets

We all have a life “outside the outdoors” (unbelievable but true)... 

Muule has selected you responsible brands and products to support you in your "other life", the one where you are not trudging!


The essentials !

When elegance rhymes with performance

What if reasoned consumption meant less clothing. More versatile clothing, more responsible for the planet and its occupants in their design, more sustainable. Clothing that is both elegant and high-performance that can be worn in your everyday life as well as during your outdoor sessions.

Combining a sober, refined and distinguished style, with innovative materials, most often natural or recycled, guaranteeing comfort of use in all circumstances, that's Lifestyle according to Muule .

Rossignol , Lagoped , Millet , Nosc , Les Artistes Paris ,… the French brands are particularly in the spotlight here with their models
worthy representation of French chic.

In winter , lifestyle products are primarily sweaters and down jackets to face the cold while sporting a unique look. These are also shirts that are as beautiful as they are efficient to instantly switch from your city life to your outdoor life.

They are also waterproof and windproof jackets for going to work during the week and going hiking on the weekend.

In the summer , find here a selection of t-shirts, polo shirts, Bermuda shorts and pants , to be as comfortable during your velo-taf (commuting between home and work by bike) as you are behind your desk.

Lifestyle also includes caps and hats , but also bicycle bags for your daily trips, metal water bottles to permanently replace plastic bottles and take them everywhere with you, to work, for walks, and many useful accessories all year round, in all circumstances.

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