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The outdoors for Mules

Outdoors, it's better to look like a mule than a donkey. We present to you the new kid on the block: the Muule blog. Inside, we break down what you need to know to make your outdoor outings easier. And enjoy yourself. To get your bearings, we have divided the blog into three parts.

  • Equipment advice

    Here, we give you gear tips. How to choose your hiking backpack, your skis, your tent... Why walk with poles, the Top 5 best trail shoes... There is no stupid question.

    Tell me everything
  • Good adventure plans

    The outdoors and you are a great love story. But sometimes when it comes to ideas for outings, you dry up. The team has put together our best adventure itineraries and we're sharing them with you.

    Indiana Jones, it's me
  • Green ideas

    Because loving the outdoors also means loving the nature that surrounds us. And want to preserve it. At Muule we have trained in environmental impact analysis and we will give you 2-3 little things that we have learned. To be able to adopt the little reflexes that make the difference, or just to inform yourself.

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