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Committed brands

We have created a barometer to measure and explain the efforts our partner brands are making on behalf of people and the planet.

We were supported in this process by AirCoop, an agency specialized in impact analysis. AirCoop made it possible to decipher the social and environmental initiatives of our brands through a transparency questionnaire and supporting documents.

For each brand, the barometer analyzes 3 eco-responsible indicators:

Eco-design of products

The indicator which embodies the brand's commitment to the design, packaging, durability and end of life of its products.

Production line

Here we are talking about the level of social and ethical responsibility in the brand's production and supply chain.

Corporate Social Responsability

What is the brand’s CSR (corporate social responsibility) investment?
Internally: with employees,
Externally: with associations and the public.

This decryption enables us to determine the stage the brand has reached in its eco-responsibility commitment:

  • Very commited

  • Quite commited

  • Beginning of commitment

Eco-design of products

  • Eco-design of products
  • Product packaging
  • End of product life
  • Animal welfare (wool, down, fur, leather)
  • Product Warranty
  • Development of new reasoned business models
  • Control of chemicals in products
  • Product repairability

Production line

  • Ethical and responsible production (social audit of suppliers or social certifications)
  • Product transport
  • Transparency of the production chain for consumers
  • Manufactured in Europe / Mediterranean

Corporate Social Responsability

  • Management of CSR within the company
  • Governance and human relations
  • External communication
  • Commitment to associations
  • Greenhouse gas emissions management & climate strategy

What is Muule’s Eco Responsible commitment?

We want to define Muule as an eco-responsible distributor of outdoor brands. At Muule we stand out for our firm commitment to transparency and respect for the environment in all our verticals: Ski Touring/Alpine , Cross-country Skiing and Snowshoeing , Hiking-Bivouac , Run-Trail , Urban Cycling and Travel and Lifestyle .

This approach is embodied by the creation of a transparency barometer , developed in collaboration with Air coop , an independent impact firm from Annecy. This innovative tool, intended for Muule customers, offers unprecedented visibility on three fundamental pillars: Eco-design, the Manufacturing Chain, and the Social Responsibility of outdoor brands.

Thisbarometer is a direct response to the expectations of consumers who are increasingly concerned about their ecological footprint, wishing to consume in a more conscious and responsible manner. By choosing Muule, you, passionate about outdoor activities, are not only acquiring equipment adapted to your practices; you adhere to a philosophy that favors sustainability and respect for the environment.

Each product we select is the result of an eco-responsible approach, guaranteeing not only impeccable manufacturing quality but also minimal impact on our planet. This rigorous brand selection policy demonstrates our commitment to promoting greener and ethical consumption.

Muule 's differentiating approach also aims to raise awareness and educate our customers on the importance of supporting sustainable business practices. By emphasizing eco-design, Muule encourages innovation in the creation of less polluting and more environmentally friendly products.

Transparency around the manufacturing chain ensures consumers have a clear understanding of production processes and their compliance with ecological and ethical standards.

Finally, by highlighting the social responsibility of companies, Muule promotes values ​​of equity and social justice, essential in the current context of awareness of global sustainable development issues.

This global strategy, focused on eco-responsibility and transparency, positions Muule as a key player in the outdoor world, capable of meeting the expectations of a demanding and committed clientele. By opting for Muule, you are making an informed choice, favoring an approach to the outdoors that respects and preserves the natural wonders that surround us.

For more information on choosing your equipment and to discover our outdoor worlds, go to our Muule website.

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