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Trail & Running Equipment: Trail Shoes, Equipment

Someone once said, “No matter how slow I run, I still go faster than my sofa.” Behind this great philosophy lies a truth: whatever your level and the frequency of your runs, you can demand durable and quality equipment. And when you are properly equipped, you feel motivated!

Are you seeking shoes with a lot of cushioning or minimalist running shoes? Are you rather a sunday runner or Ultra Trailer? We help you choose according to the comfort or performance you are looking for. Discover here the apparel, equipment and shoe brands that will suit your stride in the city, in the forest or on steep paths.


The essentials !

Running or Trail, pleasure under the sole!

Running is experiencing growing success which continues year after year. Whether to clear your head, resume physical activity, maintain your body or aim for performance, running seduces with the ease it offers.

All you have to do is put on some shorts and a t-shirt and put on a pair of running shoes , and off you go. Where you want, when you want, with whoever you want!

However, choosing a pair of shoes requires a certain amount of thought so that the model corresponds to your way of running, your body type and the terrain on which you are running. There are in fact several disciplines within running.

Running in Trail mode or in an urban environment: two distinct but equal pleasures

To find the right person

Road running, which is also called Running , which is mainly practiced in the city, and Trail , which is practiced on paths, with a connotation of elevation. It is mainly practiced in the mountains but there is an urban version for cities with relief.

We will therefore not choose the same model depending on the preferred terrain.

Craft , Dynafit , Raidlight , Rossignol , Veets , Veja , discover our selection of shoes for Running and Trail!

Running on the road requires greater cushioning because the impacts on asphalt are much more traumatic for the muscles, tendons and joints. Some will look for the most dynamic and lightest model possible. You will not opt ​​for the same model depending on whether you do a weekly outing of less than ten kilometers at a low pace or if you train several times a week for a half-marathon or a marathon.

For Trail running , priority is obviously given to grip with notched soles , as well as support for the foot and ankle, in order to guarantee traction and stability. The design is also more robust to provide the necessary resistance to abrasion and impact, especially with stones. For recreational runners looking for an all-purpose model, there are mixed models allowing you to move comfortably on asphalt as well as on trails.

Running in Trail mode or in an urban environment: everyone has their own preferences.

Comfortable and efficient clothing

In addition to a suitable pair of shoes, every runner's equipment includes a specific textile range .

The days of jogging in sweat shorts and a basic cotton or polyester t-shirt are over. Running textiles have benefited from enormous progress in recent years.

The materials used are always lighter, more breathable and more efficient . The cuts are based on bodymapping , perfectly matching the contours of the body to offer total freedom of movement or, in certain cases, compression in order to improve muscle support and posture, to reduce fatigue and limit the risk of injury .

For the top, you have the choice between t-shirts sleeve
short, long-sleeved or sleeveless (tank tops). Women will add a bra for optimal bust support.

And when the temperatures rise, add a fleece and/or a running jacket , providing protection against the elements while guaranteeing good breathability, as well as gloves and a hat .

For the bottom, shorts, 2-in-1 shorts (i.e. with integrated shorts), shorts , leggings , pants , it all depends on your practice (we will favor the 2-in-1 for trail running, for the additional muscle support it provides), your tastes and your resistance to cold.

Running socks are also very important. Often neglected, this accessory is nevertheless essential since it provides the link between your foot and the sole of the shoe. A technical model developed specifically for running will therefore ensure a better stride, with a natural roll-out , support for the foot thanks to strategically placed inserts.

A good pair of socks reduces friction to limit the appearance of blisters and provides better ventilation, reducing overheating of the foot.

Finally, whether it is shoes or textiles , it should be noted that running brands now offer ranges of eco-designed products , with fabrics developed from natural materials or recycled materials such as plastic bottles. plastic.

What is Muule’s Eco Responsible commitment?

We want to define Muule as an eco-responsible outdoor brand distributor. At Muule we stand out for our firm commitment to transparency and respect for the environment.

This is why a unique transparency barometer was created jointly with Air coop , an independent impact firm from Annecy. This tool made available to our customers ensures clarity on the Eco-design, the Manufacturing Chain and the Social Responsibility of the brands offered on the site.

This barometer meets the demands of consumers aware of their environmental impact. By choosing Muule, outdoor enthusiasts support a brand that combines a passion for adventure and environmental responsibility, while enjoying high-quality, durable products.

This differentiating approach from Muule helps raise awareness by attracting those who seek to combine love of nature and eco-responsible actions.

Need to equip yourself for your next run? Bomolet , BV Sport , Nosc , Odlo products await you on .

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