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Rossignol Alltrack Elite 90 LT Women's Ski Touring Boots

ROSSIGNOL · Flex 90 / Start. 50° / 2.98 kg per pair in 39

    • Chaussures de ski de randonnée ROSSIGNOL Alltrack Elite 90 LT Femme : coque Generative Design Grid offrant une épaisseur minimisée de la paroi de la chaussure pour une utilisation optimale du matériau afin de gagner en légèreté et d'améliorer le transfert d'énergie
    • Chaussures de ski de randonnée ROSSIGNOL Alltrack Elite 90 LT Femme : partie basse de la coque de la chaussure conçue pour offrir une liberté de mouvement à 50 degrés en mode marche pour une randonnée efficace et une puissance maximale en mode ski
    • Chaussures de ski de randonnée ROSSIGNOL Alltrack Elite 90 LT Femme : semelles GripWalk® prémontées arborant un profil en caoutchouc nervuré et une forme de type rocker à l'avant pour une marche plus naturelle
    • Chaussures de ski de randonnée ROSSIGNOL Alltrack Elite 90 LT Femme : technologie Thinsulate™ Stretch garantissant l'isolation tout en offrant un meilleur maintien du pied pour une skiabilité accrue
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    From off-piste valleys to stretches of powder, the ROSSIGNOL Alltrack Elite 90 LT ski touring boot model for women is designed to explore the entire mountain.

    Specifically adapted to the shape of the female foot, these shoes are designed around a Generative Design Grid shell guaranteeing both very light weight and optimal energy transfer in all circumstances. They offer a 98 mm last for a high performance fit and low volume. The lower part of the shoe's shell is designed to provide 50 degrees of freedom of movement in walk mode for efficient hiking and maximum power in ski mode.

    The shorter tulip-shaped cuff eliminates pressure around the shin and calf muscle for increased comfort and performance while the super-comfortable liner features Thinsulate™ insulation for added warmth and is thermoformable for a custom fit .

    These shoes feature an unlocking collar for natural freedom of movement when hiking. They also have Dynafit® certified inserts compatible with all touring bindings and a pre-mounted GripWalk® sole compatible with specific GripWalk® alpine ski bindings.

    Muule's advice :
    Adding a specific sole to a ski touring boot is of crucial importance for several reasons.
    It improves arch support and weight distribution across the foot, which is essential during long ascents and descents on ski touring.
    Next, a well-adapted sole reduces the risk of blisters, discomfort and foot fatigue, allowing the skier to concentrate fully on their technique and their environment.
    Additionally, it can help properly align the foot, ankle and knee, reducing the risk of injury. A specific sole provides better thermal insulation, keeping feet warm in cold and wet snow conditions.
    In short, it contributes significantly to the overall ski touring experience by improving comfort, performance and safety. SIDAS offers these products, they are available on our site.
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