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ROSSIGNOL : votre marque référence Ski

Very good actions for Rossignol, which easily passes the bar of "very committed" brands despite a small delay in the release of PFAS substances, which must be officially validated at the end of 2023.

Status obtained at the Muule barometer

Very commited

Eco-design of products 55.0 sur 100.0

Rossignol is slightly behind in the eco-design of products (less than 20% of products currently) but promises an acceleration to reach 30% by 2028. All skis and bindings are manufactured in factories which mainly use renewable energies in France, Italy and Spain. We note a mastery of dangerous chemical substances through the use of Oeko-tex certification on their textile materials and the commitment to eliminate PFAS by 2024. The brand has recently made great efforts regarding animal welfare, its packaging (more responsible) and the analysis of the impact of its products using LCAs. Finally, the brand offers a repair service for skis, second-hand or second-hand sales and products made by “upcycling” from unusable skis.

Production line 80.0 sur 100.0

As winter sports equipment is manufactured in Europe, social conditions are very controlled. Concerning textiles, Rossignol audits all of its production partners via the international BSCI standard. In total, more than 60% of products are manufactured in Europe. We find on each product (online and in store) a bar code which allows total traceability of the manufacture of the textile product (spinning, knitting, weaving, dyeing and manufacturing). Exemplary on this point!

Corporate Social Responsability 80.0 sur 100.0

The company's CSR strategy has been managed by a dedicated internal team for several years, with a strong and ambitious climate objective (30% reduction in emissions by 2030 and collective carbon neutrality by 2050). Rossignol has also put in place a specific agreement for gender equality in the workplace and supports numerous social and environmental associations.


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