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We dreamed of it, we did it.

That's it, Muule launches his club.

Having good, durable gear is cool, but playing outside is even cooler. It was from this idea that the Muule Outdoor Club (MOC for short) was born.

The MOC is the “non-digital” community of Muule, the real-life community that takes you outside to practice the outdoors (other than on the web 😊).

The MOC is a club whose epicenter is based in Lyon-Ecully not far from the Muule headquarters. It is dedicated to trail running and all outdoor activities.

Our mantra? “Progress, Perform, Drink beers” (lemonade is still allowed since alcohol abuse is indeed dangerous for your health). Quirky but effective, this motto advocates the pleasure of being together, of healthy sport (yes, yes) and of practicing in the great outdoors close to urban emulation.

The associative club, headed by , is
open to all and welcomes all levels. Its members benefit from weekly trail and muscle strengthening coaching sessions. But they can also participate in official races during which they will seek pleasure and a podium. Sainté Lyon , Trail de l'Aqueduc , Run Ecully ... There is no shortage of potential bibs and playgrounds in the region to allow the group to fly the colors of the MOC.

Several times a year, outdoor outings “outside
the walls” are also planned such as hikes, bivouacs, bike rides, and of course equipment tests in collaboration with the brands distributed on

And the beer was brewing.

To find out more about the origin of this club
outdoor enthusiasts, we have to go back to 2022. This is the year of the launch of and its core activity: the sale of outdoor equipment from responsible and committed brands . But it is also the period of creation of the famous "Run&Beer" on Tuesday evening by the first members of the team, which remains the essential weekly meeting of the MOC.

Every Tuesday, a joyful din comes from the
Place Bar. To better feel the atmosphere of the time, open the door of the bar: from the street, you can't see anything, the windows are fogged up. Once you cross the threshold, you are greeted by a table of merry men and women, talking loudly and laughing around a drink and a board.

The MOC trail t-shirt: “flamingo style”

At the time, around 7 p.m., under the orders of their coach (aka Petit Bambou), you saw them walking away, in winter under a ballet of headlamps. An hour later, as silence fell on the Lyon suburbs, they were back, smoking and sweating, after having played well on the trails of the Serre woods. Their coach reminding the back of the pack that the bar was going to close, so return to the starting point without fail. From their heavy breathing, we hear the sound "MOC! MOC...". Like Muule Outdoor Club, the only trail club labeled “epicurean” in the west of Lyon, or even in the entire Lyon metropolitan area!

They then met to apply the last point of the “Progress, Perform, Drink (beer)” method.

The cold is in the head. For the rest there is Muule.

See you outside?

The club was born following the Muule Escape , outings for outdoor activity enthusiasts who meet around a table for a friendly moment after testing some equipment.

Since then, some of these enthusiasts have continued to
meet up for outings, especially on weekends, on certain trails. As the movement grew, the group structured itself to give birth to the club, which illuminated the second edition of the Run Écully, this June 2, 2024, with the presence of its numerous members.

If you too want to be part of the movement,
whatever your level, join us on Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. in front of the Bar de la Place in Ecully beach ! Pélo or Fenotte, everyone is welcome.

In winter it's dark and we sleep well
loaves. But as they say around here: “It’s all in the head.” For the rest, there’s Muule…”

See you outside?

Article written on June 9, 2024 by Loic and Martin de Muule

Local legend Yoann Stuck in the colors of the Muule Outdoor Club

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