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This summer, you are TEMPTED to go on a bivouac and you are looking for shelter to camp comfortably outside. No more time constraints and overcrowded shelters, you are aware that hiking with a tent gives great freedom. Choosing a tent is essential for getting a good night's sleep and being in good shape the next day.

For this, Muule offers you a selection by theme of the best models to enjoy sunsets and sunrises in the great outdoors this summer! Whether you're heading out on a quick trek or a multi-day expedition, these tents offer reliable options in all weather conditions and environments.

Need help ? Find our advice page for a successful bivouac.

Which tent to choose for 2 people?

To begin this selection, we start with a classic from the German brand. The Hogan UltraLight (UL) 2 from Vaude . This 3-season model is ideal for mountaineering and trekking.

The Hogan has been subjected to numerous tests, notably in a wind tunnel with winds of over 85 km/h. It owes these resistance capabilities to its aerodynamic hybrid shape and robust 9.6 mm diameter hoops. This tent offers you a beautiful interior volume with a comfortable seat height at head level and has additional inserts at foot level ensuring even more comfort. In addition, the adjustable ventilation openings guarantee a pleasant indoor climate. Selected for its versatility , it can also be used without the outer tent, making it a model particularly suitable for dry and hot regions.

Reducing the ecological impact being a major pillar of Vaude, this tent is no exception to this exemplary rule: this tent is certified PFC and PVC free and holds the draconian bluesign® ecological standard.

2-person tent: Vaude Hogan UL 2

What we liked about Muule:

  • Its lightness (less than 2 kg)
  • Its very quick assembly (disposable)

Which tent to choose for 3 people?

For those looking for a 3-person tent or those who want more interior volume. Muule has selected the Nemesi 3 Pro from the Italian brand Ferrino , designed for trekkers, hikers or cyclists who undertake itinerant trips.

Thanks to its dome shape , its pre-formed poles and its spacer stake, this tent guarantees good stability, offering a comfortable sitting position. In addition it has an apse, ideal for storing additional equipment and preparing meals when conditions deteriorate.

On a technical level, this tent combines a double roof with waterproof seams (waterproofing of 3,000 mm), and a groundsheet (waterproofing of 8,000 mm) adopting a three-layer construction to reinforce the corners. The 70D (recycled) polyester design, both light and robust, provides a very effective barrier against rain and humidity from the air and ground, and assembly is made quick and easy thanks to hoops of different sizes. colors.

3-person tent: Ferrino Nemesi 3 Pro

What we liked about Muule:

  • Very practical double apse
  • Its complete equipment

Which ultralight tents to choose?

Want to wear as little as possible? The Qaou Ultra Light with its 1,400 grams is the model you need for trekking or summer bikepacking.

To achieve this weight, the engineers came up with an original solution. So on this tent, the side walls are entirely made of mosquito net . The Ultra Light provides protection against light showers and morning dew thanks to its ultra-light flysheet (only on the top) and its groundsheet (waterproofing 4,000 mm), but is therefore not not designed to face difficult weather conditions.

Able to be set up in less than 5 minutes , the Qaou tent offers comfortable sleeping space for two people, with a ceiling height of 110 cm, allowing for easy sitting and moving around.

Durable, it is made with recycled and high quality materials to ensure a long life and repeated use.

2-person tent: Qaou Ultra Light

What we liked about Muule:

  • Compact storage
  • Available weight/volume ratio

Which tent to choose for bikepacking?

Are you planning a cycling trip this summer but you don't know which tent to choose? Derived from the brand's flagship model, the BIG AGNES Copper Spur HV UL 1 Bikepack tent has been specifically developed for fans of bicycle travel . This 1-seater version will delight fans of minimalism looking for the most compact model possible.

Redesigned with more interior volume, the Copper Spur HV UL Bikepack is made from an exclusive ultra-lightweight, double rip-stop, mixed-denier nylon fabric ensuring additional tear and puncture resistance without adding weight.

The soft-closing double-zippered door and awning-style vestibule also offer great modularity and additional living space.

This freestanding tent features a set of 12-inch (30.5 cm) stakes, ideal for storing on handlebars or in saddlebags. The heavy-duty compression storage bag with daisy chain system also allows for multiple bike frame attachment configurations.

Finally, multiple storage solutions allow you to optimize the organization of your belongings.

1-man tent: Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL Bikepack 1

What we liked about Muule:

  • Specifically designed for the constraints of bikepacking
  • Lightness
  • Functionality

Which tent to choose for 1 person?

The Lightent 1 Pro from FERRINO is a compact and ultralight tent designed to serve as a shelter for hikers and cycle tourists looking for great lightness and minimal bulk without breaking the bank. It is offered here in its one-seater version.

This tent has been designed to cope with the most unpredictable weather conditions. Its tunnel shape allows it to withstand strong winds. Above all, it can be mounted quickly in the rain without getting the room wet thanks to its external hoop system. A solution which also allows minimalist use, reaching a record weight of 1,100 grams .

On a technical level, the Lightent 1 is made 100% with recycled raw materials and GRS certified fabrics. It combines a double roof with waterproof seams (waterproofing of 3,000 mm), and a groundsheet (waterproofing of 8,000 mm).

Tent for 1 person: Ferrino Lightent 1 Pro

What we liked about Muule:

  • 100% recycled raw materials
  • Very well supplied

Article written by Colin de Muule on June 19, 2024.

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