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To avoid burning your wings on your outdoor trip, you will need to control the flame! Whether for a trek in the Alps over a week or an overnight bivouac in the Vercors , you will surely need and want to comfort yourself with a hot coffee or soup to fuel you.

Choosing Your Stove with Muule: Safety and Adaptation to Your Needs

After having precisely determined these needs, we see that there are a plethora of options available on the market: multi-fuel stove, gas stove, wood stove or alcohol stove... and Muule accompanies you to help you find the one you need. So so that your stove is not just a flash in the pan, discover Muule's advice:

Important : The use of a stove must be done in a secure area, ideally near a hostel or an area specially designed for stoves. It is strictly prohibited to use a stove in protected natural areas or in forests, due to the high risk of incidents that could cause serious damage to the environment.

Bivouac in the countryside

The gas stove

Gas stoves are the favorite type of hikers, they are distinguished by their ease of use and their reliability. They operate with a mixture of liquefied gas under pressure, providing a versatile, lightweight, efficient and compact solution for outdoor cooking. However, it is important to note that gas canisters are not always readily available in all countries, requiring advance planning of your fuel needs.

  • Cartridge Compatibility:

The valve cartridge format is the most used internationally for stoves. Major brands like Primus , Msr, Jetboil produce stoves compatible with these cartridges. These have a thread to secure the stove and an anti-return system which prevents gas leaks, guaranteeing safe use. Some stoves are compatible with Campingaz cartridges, offering a solution to the lack of interchangeability. Adapters also exist for more overall flexibility.

Gas heater

  • The power

The power of the stove impacts the boiling time: the higher it is, the faster the water will boil. For example, the JetboilZip (900 Watts) boils 1 liter in 5 minutes, while the Jetboil Flash (2600 Watts) only takes 3 minutes and 20 seconds. For trekking, choose a light and powerful stove.

  • The piezoelectric igniter

The piezoelectric igniter, common on modern backpacking stoves, makes lighting easy without a lighter or matches. Simply press a button to generate sparks that ignite the fuel, making use simple and convenient.

  • Compactness

The size varies significantly between stoves, influenced by their architecture. Offset canister stoves are generally less compact. The most compact stoves weigh only a few hundred grams and fold up to be stored very easily.

  • Stabilizer

When purchasing a stove, make sure it includes a stabilizer or check compatibility if sold separately. A stabilizer is essential to prevent tipovers and ensure safe use, especially in windy conditions.

Benefits :

  • Intuitive and safe
  • robust
  • Potentially ultralight
  • Precise control of flame intensity


  • Limited accessibility of gas cartridges internationally
  • Ban on air transport of gas cartridges

Tips to keep in mind (from Muule) : The gas stove is suitable for most outdoor activities, their effectiveness no longer needs to be proven. In addition to the difficulties of transport and supply, gas can have difficulty operating in extremely cold conditions but in view of these constraints this is what we advise you in the majority of cases.

The alcohol stove

This stove model is characterized by its ease of use, lightness and affordable cost. It is compatible with three forms of alcohol: liquid, gel, or solid (in the form of tablets). Alcohol stoves are generally small, they are easily transportable and their easy refueling ensures appreciable autonomy.

However, it should be noted that these stoves are among the least efficient in terms of power and do not allow adjustment of the flame intensity.

Benefits :

  • Intuitive
  • Maintenance free
  • Very light: Ultra-light
  • Very economical to purchase, as well as to use
  • Cost-effective


  • Not modular
  • Limited power
  • Reduced efficiency in boiling time

Tips to keep in mind (from Muule) : The alcohol stove may be suitable for you if you are going for a day hike or cooking needs are secondary, it can be useful for reheating a coffee or soup quickly while adding little extra weight. On the other hand, don't expect to prepare a meal worthy of the name with this type of equipment.

Alcohol stove

The multi-fuel stove

The multi-fuel stove or “gasoline stove” is compatible with various fuels, but C gasoline is preferred for its clean combustion. Its use is intuitive: a pump pressurizes the fuel, converting the liquid into gas. Although bulkier than gas stoves, gas stoves offer the advantage of supporting larger cooking utensils. However, they require maintenance that should not be neglected.

The gasoline stove stands out for its versatility, operating efficiently in all weather and being particularly suitable for extended expeditions in total autonomy.

Benefits :

  • Convenient and cost-effective procurement
  • Universal use
  • High performance
  • Higher capacity


  • Frequent maintenance required
  • Bulky
  • Precise management of the necessary fuel

Tips to keep in mind (from Muule) : The gasoline stove will be your ideal companion when traveling, it allows you to adapt to what fuel you find on site. The difficulty lies in the requirements of this equipment in terms of maintenance and resource management.

Multi fuel stove

Article written by Colin de Muule on March 11, 2024 .

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