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You are planning a traveling hike over several days and you want to be sure not to forget anything before the big departure.

We have what you need. Thanks to these essential checklists, you can leave with peace of mind.

The hiking checklist:

Hiking shoes

Hiking pants


Waterproof or windproof jacket

Hiking t-shirt



1 backpack

1 rain cover for the bag

Hiking poles

☑ Flip flops/ sandals

1 compass

☑ 1 hydration reservoir or a water bottle

1 hat


☑ 1 clothesline + a few clothespins

1 small waterproof bag

1 ultra-light sleeping bag

1 multifunction knife

1 bag organizer

1 survival kit

☑ 1 trash bag

1 compact hand towel

☑ 1 3 in 1 soap (shampoo, soap, detergent)

Compeed dressings

☑ Earplugs

☑ 1 Sun cream

The bivouac checklist:

1 tent

1 mattress

1 stove


1 Headlamp

Ready? All you have to do is take inventory of the gear you have and complete what you are missing on .

Hop hop hop!


Article written by Solenn de Muule on 06/5/2023

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