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Choosing your Ski Touring Pants: Essential Advice

Ski touring pants are a crucial piece of equipment for any enthusiast of this discipline. Here are tips for making the right choice:

  • Lightness and Mobility:

Choose lightweight, flexible pants. They must allow maximum freedom of movement when ascending and descending.

  • Breathability:

Good pants should offer effective breathability. Look for moisture-wicking materials to help you stay dry during exercise.

  • Waterproofing:

Choose waterproof fabrics to protect against snow and wind. High waterproof ratings are recommended.

  • Insulation:

Depending on the weather conditions, decide whether you need lightweight insulation for intense efforts or heavier insulation for colder environments.

  • Sustainability :

Make sure the pants are durable enough to handle the wear and tear of hiking. The reinforcements on the knees and seat are a plus.

  • Ventilations:

Ventilation zips are useful for regulating body temperature, especially during difficult climbs.

  • Compatibility with Ski Boots:

The pants should fit perfectly with your ski boots. Look for adjustable leg cuffs or built-in gaiters.

  • Pockets and Accessories:

Convenient pockets to carry your small equipment can be very useful. Details like loops for attaching gaiters are also nice.

  • Ease of Maintenance:

Check that the pants are easy to wash and maintain, as they will often be used in harsh conditions.

By following these tips, you'll find ski touring pants that not only meet your technical needs, but also enhance your overall mountain experience. If you have any doubts, it may be helpful to consult a ski professional or specialist seller like Muule .

Which brands of ski touring pants should you choose?

For ski touring, choosing the right pants is essential for your comfort and performance. The Lagoped, Rab and Haglöfs brands offer quality options. Here's what each brand offers:

  • Lagoped : Respect for the Environment and Performance

Lagoped is known for its commitment to sustainability. Their ski touring pants, designed with ecological materials, combine respect for the environment and functionality. Perfect for those looking to minimize their ecological impact without compromising quality.

  • Rab : Robustness for Extreme Conditions

Rab excels in equipment for harsh environments. Their ski touring pants are designed to withstand the most rigorous conditions, with sturdy materials and functional designs. Ideal for skiers who face demanding terrain and climates.

  • Haglöfs : Scandinavian Comfort and Innovation

Haglöfs combines innovation and Scandinavian comfort. Their pants are renowned for their ergonomic fit and use of cutting-edge technologies, providing excellent mobility and effective protection. Perfectly suited to skiers who prioritize comfort and technical performance.

By choosing from these brands, you ensure quality equipment, adapted to the specificities of ski touring, combining durability, comfort and technological innovation.

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