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Very good efforts for a shoe brand, an industry which is more complex and difficult to make the transition to. The few points of weakness such as PFAS and transparency will be officially validated by 2024, so we can consider that Scarpa is one of our “very committed” brands.

Status obtained at the Muule barometer

Very commited

Eco-design of products 68.0 sur 100.0

With sourcing of more than 67% of renewable materials for its products, leathers certified by the Leather Working Group (control of substances and dyeing processes), a very strict list of risky substances and an announced exit from PFAS in 2025, the brand serves as a leader in the footwear industry. We can note an original effort on an iconic model of the brand to find a solution to microfiber pollution. Finally, the brand is exemplary in terms of durability, shoe repair and second-hand sales.

Production line 70.0 sur 100.0

90% of production is carried out in Europe, under very controlled social conditions, supported by a code of good conduct and regular audits. The environmental impact of the factories is also controlled because the vast majority of them are powered by renewable energy and/or ISO14001 certified. We could demand a little more transparency on the production chain but the project is being formalized by the end of 2023.

Corporate Social Responsability 80.0 sur 100.0

We see a 360° commitment within the brand, from European production (90% of products) to product sustainability, including measuring the company's carbon impact. A measure which could, however, be more transparent. We note a weakness in the part of commitment to associations which remains weak and not very transparent.

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