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Why choose saola? innovation, quality and design at the service of your comfort:

When it comes to choosing shoes, the options seem endless. However, one brand stands out from the pack for its commitment to combining innovation, quality and exceptional design: Saola . It's not just about style; Choosing Saola means choosing a brand that understands and meets the modern needs of consumers.

  • Innovation and cutting-edge technology

Innovation is at the heart of every pair of saola shoes. The brand invests heavily in research and development to integrate the latest technologies and innovative materials. Whether improving comfort, increasing durability or delivering better performance, saola pushes the boundaries of what is possible in shoe design. Choosing saola means benefiting from the latest technological advances at your feet.

  • Impeccable quality

Saola does not compromise on quality. Each product undergoes rigorous checks to ensure that it meets the brand's high standards. From premium materials to meticulous finishes, saola ensures that each pair of shoes is built to last. Choosing saola means choosing shoes you can count on, whatever your adventures.

  • Design and style

In addition to innovation and quality, Saola stands out for its unique design. The brand combines contemporary aesthetics and functionality to create shoes that stand out. Each collection reflects the latest trends while remaining faithful to a strong and recognizable visual identity. By choosing saola, you're not just buying a pair of shoes; you adopt a style that speaks to who you are.

  • exceptional comfort

Comfort is a top priority for saola. The brand designs its shoes with the end user in mind, incorporating ergonomic insoles, breathable materials and adaptive support structures. Whether you're walking around town or going on a hike, saola shoes are designed to provide optimal comfort all day long.

  • Adaptability and versatility

Saola shoes are designed to accommodate various activities and lifestyles. Whether you're an urban adventurer or an outdoor enthusiast, you'll find a pair of saolas to suit your needs. Versatility is key; the same pair of shoes can accompany you at work, at play or while traveling, without compromising style or comfort.

  • A varied choice for everyone

Saola appeals to a wide audience, offering options for men, women and children. No matter your age, lifestyle or preferences, saola has something to offer. The diversity of its range ensures that every customer finds the perfect shoe, tailored to their specific tastes and needs.

What are saola’s eco-responsible efforts? a green approach at the heart of innovation

In the competitive world of fashion and sports equipment, eco-responsibility is becoming an increasingly decisive criterion of choice for consumers. Saola, as an innovative brand, has stood out by integrating eco-responsibility into the heart of its processes, from the design to the production of its shoes. Let's take a close look at saola's efforts to offer products that combine performance, style and respect for the environment.

  • Rigorous selection of materials

One of the pillars of saola's eco-responsible commitment is the careful selection of its materials. By opting for recycled polyester mesh uppers, resulting from the recycling of post-consumer plastic bottles, saola significantly reduces the use of virgin resources and the quantity of plastic waste. This approach is completed by the use of Oeko-tex certified materials, guaranteeing the absence of substances harmful to the environment and to the health of users.

  • Local manufacturing and short circuits

Saola is committed to relocating its production to France, in Vendée, relying on a local workforce who share its values ​​of quality and eco-responsibility. This approach not only supports the local economy and preserves traditional know-how, but also reduces the carbon footprint linked to the transport of goods. By favoring short circuits, saola ensures greater traceability and optimal responsiveness to consumer demand.

  • Eco-designed packaging

Aware of the environmental impact of packaging, saola has redesigned its packaging solutions to make them greener. The shoe packaging is made in France from recycled materials, thus helping to reduce the amount of waste generated and promoting the circular economy. This initiative reflects saola's overall commitment to minimizing its ecological footprint.

  • Transparency and traceability

Eco-responsibility at Saola also involves total transparency towards consumers. The brand strives to provide clear and accessible information on the origin of the materials used, the manufacturing conditions and the environmental impact of its products. This transparency approach strengthens consumer confidence and underlines the authenticity of saola's eco-responsible commitment.

  • Continuous innovation for increased sustainability

saola continues to innovate to improve the sustainability of its products. The constant search for new recycled materials, the improvement of manufacturing processes and the development of repairable products are all actions that demonstrate saola's desire to reduce its environmental impact in the long term. Innovation is thus put at the service of eco-responsibility, with the aim of offering ever greener shoes.

  • Raising awareness of eco-responsibility

Finally, saola plays an active role in raising awareness of eco-responsibility. Through its communication campaigns, its partnerships with environmental associations and its initiatives on the ground, saola encourages its customers and the general public to adopt more environmentally friendly behaviors. This global approach helps to raise collective ecological awareness and encourage positive change beyond the fashion sphere.

Saola at the Muule barometer:

Saola is a brand actively engaged in the ecological transition, applying eco-design principles at each stage of the development of its products, without using materials of animal origin and favoring recycled or natural materials for 60% of its products. Although classified as "fairly engaged" with a score of 59/100 in eco-design by the Muule Barometer , Saola could improve the use of renewable energy and repair initiatives to achieve a "very engaged" status. Its production is 100% carried out in Vietnam, with factories audited for social conditions but without current environmental assessment. Its production chain is transparent at the forefront, and the brand places emphasis on shipping to minimize its carbon footprint. Its social responsibility is notable, with a score of 80/100, marked by a strong commitment to environmental protection, the donation of 1% of its turnover to environmental associations, and regular monitoring of its carbon footprint.

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