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RAB : votre marque référence fleeces, jackets, climbers

RAB has achieved climate neutrality. This is its “base camp” established in 2020. The next goal is to achieve “Net Zero” carbon neutrality status by 2030.

Status obtained at the Muule barometer

Very commited

Eco-design of products 88.0 sur 100.0

34% of the fabrics used are recycled, 100% of their synthetic insulation and 100% of the feathers and down are either recycled or RDS certified. The brand has a list of chemical substances that it bans from its production chain to protect its consumers. Finally, RAB has launched a product rental system (sleeping bags, tents and backpacks) which complements the second-hand and repair offering. Which fights against over-consumption.

Production line 63.0 sur 100.0

RAB is a member of the FAIR WEAR FOUNDATION association, which audits and helps suppliers improve their compliance with social standards. Suppliers are either audited by this organization or already have third-party certification which ensures respect for human and labor rights. 100% of garment factories and their audit results are disclosed to consumers.

Corporate Social Responsability 80.0 sur 100.0

Integration of CSR into the entire company strategy (Societal mission, CSR Manager, team training, CSR report, etc.). High rate of employee engagement within the company. Widely disseminated CSR approach and regular public awareness raising. Some annual donations to associations. Strategy for reducing polluting emissions across all activities and services and contribution to global carbon neutrality.


The selection RAB

From ultra-resistant sleeping bags, the RAB brand has quickly grown and offered clothing that meets the demands of all adventurers around the world. Robust, efficient and innovative, the brand's products have won the hearts of all those who practice sports or outdoor activities.

At Muule, we have chosen to offer you what we consider to be the brand's greatest must-haves. Jackets, down jackets or fleeces, all your essentials can be found here!

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