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If safety on the road or in the mountains is at the heart of the brand's concerns, it also strives to preserve the planet, in particular through the Blueprint project which consists of a permanent and long-term commitment to reduce the impact on the environment and preserve resources without compromising the safety of its products.

Status obtained at the Muule barometer

Beginning of commitment

Eco-design of products 32.0 sur 100.0

The brand is gradually introducing recycled or bio-sourced materials into some of its products but this is still limited (-20% of products). Some of the factories, however, use renewable energy to manufacture products. The chemical substances at risk are controlled and a large part of the products are repairable. Efforts that can be encouraged.

Production line 40.0 sur 100.0

All suppliers sign a code of conduct with the brand guaranteeing good working conditions for employees of partner factories. In addition, clothing factories make a definite effort in environmental management (ISO 14001 certification for a little less than 50% of them). We regret not having more transparency on the manufacturing chain.

Corporate Social Responsability 40.0 sur 100.0

Like Nordic brands, POC has implemented a CSR strategy focused on the design of its products to reduce their social and environmental impact. Everything is well communicated and we can see the desire to progress despite some shortcomings such as the measurement of the carbon footprint.


The selection P.O.C.

POC is a Swedish brand of helmets, protections, masks and glasses for snow sports and cycling.

The company, founded in Sweden in 2004, is characterized by the very high technicality of its products combined with a sober, refined and incredibly elegant design.

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