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LOWA : votre marque référence hiking boots

As an international outdoor brand, Lowa thinks about nature and its environment. The brand uses resources responsibly and systematically takes environmental aspects into account during the development phases. Lowa is attached to its Bavarian location and deeply rooted in the region where it supports various social projects.

Status obtained at the Muule barometer

Quite commited

Eco-design of products 44.0 sur 100.0

A large part of the products come from eco-design (around 50%) and all pay particular attention to materials of animal origin such as leather or wool. More generally, the brand makes significant efforts to guarantee durable and repairable products at a lower cost.

Production line 88.0 sur 100.0

100% of production is manufactured in Europe, in the following countries: Germany, Slovakia, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina and Czech Republic. Social conditions in the factories are monitored and a strong close relationship is established between the brand and the factories.

Corporate Social Responsability 70.0 sur 100.0

The CSR strategy is at the heart of LOWA’s activity. Notably through its commitment to producing all of its products in Europe. The brand encourages and motivates employee commitment and carries out philanthropic actions for environmental associations. In addition, LOWA measures its carbon footprint and the specific energy used in factories.


The selection LOWA

For hiking enthusiasts, having good shoes is absolutely essential. Being able to walk for long hours without having sore feet is a luxury that no walker can do without!

At Muule, we have chosen to offer you LOWA brand hiking shoes and socks to allow you to dress your feet with a high quality product for all your outdoor walks.

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