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Why choose Evvo? excellence in innovation and design

In a market saturated with brands and products, standing out is crucial. Evvo stands out as a preferred choice for consumers seeking innovation, superior quality, and exceptional design. Find out why Evvo is the go-to brand for those looking to combine performance and style in their active lives.

  • Cutting-edge innovation

Evvo is committed to integrating the latest technologies into its products, providing cutting-edge solutions that meet the specific needs of its users.

- Focus on research and development

- Use of patented technologies

- Continuous improvement of existing products

  • Quality without compromise

The brand makes no compromises on quality, ensuring that every Evvo product is both durable and high-performance.

- Rigorous selection of materials

- Quality controls at each stage of production

- Commitment to customer satisfaction

  • Modern design and aesthetics

Evvo combines functionality and aesthetics, offering products that are not only useful but also feature a modern and attractive design.

- Innovative and elegant design

- Pay attention to aesthetic details

- Products adapted to current trends

  • Comfort and ergonomics

Evvo products are designed to offer optimal comfort, thanks to studied ergonomics which improve the user experience in all situations.

- Ergonomic design

- Focus on comfort of use

- Adaptability to user needs

  • Diversity of the range

Evvo offers a wide range of products, ensuring that every consumer finds exactly what they are looking for to meet their needs.

- Wide selection of products

- Solutions for various uses and activities

- Customizable options to meet individual preferences

  • Dedicated customer service

Evvo stands out for its exceptional customer service, providing fast and efficient assistance to ensure the best possible shopping experience.

- Responsive customer support

- Complete after-sales support

- Favorable return and exchange policy

What are Evvo’s eco-responsible efforts?

Find out why Evvo is the eco-responsible brand of choice. With an approach focused on sustainability, Evvo uses recycled and natural materials to manufacture its innovative products. Committed to reducing its carbon footprint, Evvo optimizes its production chains in France and Europe, ensuring superior quality while supporting the local economy. Evvo products, designed for longevity and repairability, come with a three-year warranty, attesting to their durability. With recycled and recyclable kraft packaging, Evvo minimizes waste and promotes responsible consumption. Choose Evvo for high-performance products that respect the planet.

Evvo versus the Muule Barometer:

Evvo snowshoes score 73/100 in eco-design, highlighting their reparability and the use of materials with low environmental impact, such as bio-sourced or recycled materials, without compromising performance. The collaboration with Michelin made it possible to develop a 90% biosourced sole. Evvo's production, rated 69/100, is entirely carried out in France, encompassing creation, plastic injection and assembly, promoting local employment and reducing the carbon footprint. In terms of social responsibility, with a score of 50/100, Evvo is actively involved in the development and preservation of territories through partnerships, underlining its commitment to a positive impact on the community and the environment.

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