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Why choose Dynafit? Performance and elegance

Choosing Dynafit means choosing a brand synonymous with excellence in the world of ski touring and trail running. Renowned for its high-performance equipment, Dynafit stands out for its innovation, superior quality and commitment to passionate athletes. Here's why Dynafit should be your choice for your next mountain adventures.

  • Innovation and technology

Dynafit positions itself at the forefront of innovation, developing advanced technologies to meet the specific needs of backcountry skiers and trail runners. From revolutionary bindings to ultra-lightweight shoes, each product is designed to optimize performance and efficiency.

  • Quality and durability

Each Dynafit equipment is manufactured with premium materials, ensuring not only optimal resistance to extreme conditions but also increased longevity. The brand is committed to providing reliable products that athletes can rely on.

  • Comfort and functionality

Comfort is essential, whether you're climbing or descending quickly. Dynafit designs ergonomic equipment that adapts perfectly to the user's body shape, providing exceptional comfort without compromising functionality.

  • Design and style

Combining aesthetics and performance, Dynafit equipment is recognizable by its careful design. Modern and functional, they allow athletes to stand out while benefiting from the best technologies.

  • Commitment to athletes

Dynafit works closely with professionals to test and improve its products. This approach ensures that each item meets the highest standards and supports athletes in achieving their goals.

Choosing Dynafit means choosing a brand that values ​​innovation, quality and comfort. Designed for adventurers who don't compromise on their equipment, Dynafit products are the ideal choice for those who strive for excellence in their mountain activities. Trust Dynafit for an extraordinary experience, where performance and style go hand in hand.

Dynafit versus the Muule barometer:

Dynafit, supported by the Oberalp Group, demonstrates a structured and consistent commitment in all its activities, positioning itself as a very committed brand according to the Muule Barometer. Despite an unmet benchmark regarding the elimination of PFAS, Dynafit is showing significant progress, with 65% of its textiles free of PFAS in 2023 and a complete absence of these substances in all its equipment, signaling active attention to this issue.

With a score of 59/100 in eco-design, Dynafit demonstrates a strong commitment to the reduction of chemical substances, implementing regular tests and a list of prohibited risk substances. The brand is moving towards the goal of making all of its products free of PFAS, while improving the use of renewable energy in its factories and adopting impact reduction practices for its packaging. Repair initiatives and alternative business models, such as second hand, are being developed at Dynafit.

In its production chain, rated 80/100, Dynafit has been collaborating for a decade with the Fair Wear Foundation to improve working conditions in textile factories, receiving the "Leader" award for the sixth time. The brand maintains total transparency on its manufacturing chain and produces more than 78% of its value in Europe, particularly for ski bindings and equipment, while the majority of textiles are sourced from Asia.

In terms of social responsibility, with a score of 80/100, Dynafit is part of the OBERALP Group's CSR strategy, aiming for climate neutrality by 2030. These commitments reinforce circularity and control of social conditions in factories, reflecting Dynafit's desire to guarantee excellent working conditions and to support social and environmental associations.

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