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Eco-design is at the heart of BOMOLET 's concerns, which favors recycled materials. 1 Bomolet t-shirt = 12 recycled plastic bottles.

It produces locally and transparently. Running clothing is made in France.

Status obtained at the Muule barometer

Very commited

Eco-design of products 81.0 sur 100.0

100% of the products are made in France from recycled materials, Oeko-tex standard 100 certified. The packaging is recycled, recyclable and made in Europe. The brand also offers packaging for Hipli e-commerce sales, reusable 100 times. It works on a pre-order model to only produce what is necessary.

Production line 88.0 sur 100.0

100% of Bomolet's partners have their production located in France and have their production sites in France. They obey French labor law and European regulations. They regularly visit the factories and maintain close relationships with them. The entire production chain is transparent and communicated on their website.

Corporate Social Responsability 70.0 sur 100.0

The brand was founded with a view to making a positive impact on the environment and on people working in the textile industry. These issues are taken into account in all decisions. The corporate purpose refers to these issues. The company's mission is to make the sports industry fairer and more responsible by manufacturing products in complete transparency for athletes that respect people and the planet.


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Change the World with your calves! Nathan and Flavien are passionate about running. In June 2020 they decided to initiate change by creating a brand - BOMOLET - with an ambitious project: offering runners high-performance running clothing, eco-designed and made in France.

Running clothing developed in consultation with a community of 300 runners.

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