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Commitment to nature and people is deeply rooted in BAOUW 's DNA. This is even the reason for the creation of the brand, in 2017, in order to offer an alternative to this sports nutrition that is not very respectful of your health and our planet.

To do this, the brand follows an action plan guided by B-Corp, with the aim of obtaining this very demanding certification.

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BAOUW Organic Nutrition was born from the collaboration between Gilles Galoux, food expert, Yoann Conte, two-star Michelin chef, and Benoît Nave, sports nutrition specialist .

Together, they have created a range of organic energy bars and compotes , combining high nutritional quality, natural ingredients and delicious taste. These products are suitable for daily consumption for small appetites and during sporting efforts, without requiring additional energy drinks due to their high density and digestibility.

BAOUW sports nutrition products have been tested by more than thirty ambassadors, including Xavier Thévenard and Simon Desthieux , who frequently use them during their races. In addition to bars, Baouw offers organic energy compotes, easy to consume without interrupting exercise, which is suitable for cyclists. Their sports nutrition is designed for expert energy management, easy digestion, and it's gluten and dairy free. The products are delicious, natural, rich in micronutrients, and guarantee lasting energy for physical effort and daily life.

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