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Petroleum down jacket made by children or a 100% biosourced fair trade backpack?

“I think the question is quickly answered” as someone else would say.

Where did the last Sea to Summit sleeping bag you bought on come from ? How did it get to our warehouse? By plane ? By boat ? Which population made it and under what working conditions?

Did you dream of clear answers? The Muule barometer did it. It is with these convictions and because we wanted to obtain maximum transparency from the brands we distribute that we created this measurement tool. In collaboration with Air Coop , an agency specializing in business impact analysis.

Why the Muule barometer? To measure the impact and sustainable efforts of each outdoor brand we distribute on the site. And display the results on each product sheet so that you can equip yourself with a pair of Zag brand skis or a Craft brand trail t-shirt with full knowledge of the facts.

How does the Muule barometer assess the eco-responsibility of outdoor brands?

Each time we select a brand at Muule we ensure that it complements an existing equipment offering or meets the needs of our customers. In addition, we ensure that the brand is in line with our desire for transparency, the transparency that we want to give to our customers.

Thus, each brand is subjected to the Muule barometer: a questionnaire with supporting evidence which helps us evaluate 3 criteria in collaboration with the Air Coop agency. Each criterion gives a score out of 100 which appears on the product sheet.

Criterion 1: eco-design . For each outdoor brand present on, we evaluate the proportion of recycled and biosourced products. Sustainability of products, polluting components, animal welfare, origin of packaging... everything goes!

Criterion 2: the production chain . Are the products transported by boat or by plane? What social impact does the production of the brand imply in the country of manufacture? What are the working conditions in factories?

Criterion 3: corporate social responsibility (CSR) . We measure the societal and ethical dimension of the brand. For example, the level of environmental awareness enjoyed by its employees, the impact of its actions on the public and the media. What is the level of the brand's investments in associations working for the climate?

How do I know the level of engagement of outdoor brands on

The 3 noted criteria give rise to an average score which allows Muule and Aircoop to deliver a status to each brand:

  • Very committed brand
  • Fairly committed brand
  • Brand at the start of engagement

Tips to keep in mind (from muule):

Be careful when browsing our product sheets. An eco-responsible status for each of our outdoor brands can be discovered as well as clear explanations of the actions implemented by them. To fight global warming and protect our playgrounds. To get an overview of all the brands noted, take a look at the Brand page .

Up to you !

Article written by Martin de Muule on March 19, 2024.

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