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The goal when hiking is to have fun! You still need to wear them well... Come on, it's a gift: we give you the 10 best tips for choosing your hiking shoes. Improve your comfort during your outdoor adventures. Also discover how Muule deciphers the impact of hiking shoe brands to allow you to travel within the rules!

Hiking is life. A passion shared by many adventurers around the world, a unique way to discover natural beauty while engaging in physical activity. To fully enjoy these experiences, it is essential to choose your shoes correctly.
hiking. The wrong pair can turn a pleasant trip into a test of strength that you don't want to experience. This detailed article
offers ten essential tips to help you select the ideal women's hiking shoes or men's hiking shoes , ensuring comfort, safety and durability for all your adventures.

10 valuable tips for making the right choice

1. I analyze the type of hike

The first step in choosing your shoes is to define the type of hiking you plan to do. Day trip on well-maintained trails? Multi-day trek on rocky terrain? This choice involves different types of shoes. Models vary from lightweight, flexible shoes to stiff boots with added support. Evaluating the type of terrain and the duration of your hikes is crucial to guide your choice towards the model best suited to your specific needs.

10 Muule tips for hiking with the best gear

2. I choose the right size and fit

It could not be easier. We invite you to consult our size guides which advise you on choosing the size that will suit you best. They are reliable and easy to use! To access it, go to the product sheet for the hiking shoe model that interests you. In addition, you can always contact our Muule customer service .

Millet offers lightweight and versatile hiking shoes

3. I select suitable materials and materials

The choice of materials greatly influences the durability and performance of shoes. Leather, for example, offers robustness and water resistance
but may require a period of adaptation and is generally heavier.
Synthetic fabrics, on the other hand, are lightweight and dry quickly, but may wear out more quickly. For humid conditions, choose
shoes with waterproof and breathable membranes, such as Gore-Tex hiking shoes that protect against water while allowing your feet to breathe.

4. I check the type of sole

The sole plays a crucial role in providing traction and stability. Opt for sturdy outsoles with deep lugs for better grip on wet or unstable terrain. Quite a few of our models at Muule are hiking shoe models with a Vibram sole . The midsole must offer a good balance between cushioning and support, often made of EVA or polyurethane foam, to absorb shock while stabilizing the foot.

5. I consider my ankle support

Ankle support is crucial, especially on uneven terrain or if your backpack is heavily loaded. High-top shoes help prevent sprains by stabilizing the ankle. For gentler terrain or day hikes, low-cut hiking shoes may be sufficient, offering more lightness and flexibility. Beyond ankle support, know that there are also models for hikers looking for hiking shoes for women or men with sensitive feet.

6. I take into account the weight of the shoes

The weight of shoes can impact your endurance and comfort during long hikes. Lighter models minimize the
fatigue but may offer less protection. It is important to find a balance between weight and necessary functionality, depending on the nature of your adventures. Do not hesitate to call our team of outdoor advisors to ask your questions, we will be happy to advise you!

7. I rely on good protection and durability

Reinforcements in sensitive areas such as the toes and heel are important for optimal protection against impacts. It's always more comfortable to walk with a good stone guard on the front of the shoe. Durability is also crucial, especially if you plan on frequent hiking or in rainy or even snowy weather conditions. Basically, make sure the materials and construction of the shoe can withstand wear and tear.

8. I choose between Ventilation and Waterproofing

Moisture management is key to preventing blisters. Well-ventilated shoes are ideal for hot climates, while for
Wet environments or river crossings, waterproof footwear is preferable. Some membranes that we offer at Muule allow you to combine these two characteristics, offering both breathability and protection against water.

9. I choose my lacing system

A good lacing system allows you to adjust your shoes precisely and comfortably. Today's hiking shoes allow for quick, reliable adjustments and maintain lace tension throughout the walk.

Rest assured, our equipment experts at Muule
are vigilant to ensure that the lacing systems of the selected models hold the foot well and are
easy to use.

Hiking shoes with a cramped sole provide additional comfort

10. I learn about sustainability and eco-responsible hiking shoe brands

In addition to the technical criteria for choosing hiking shoes, it is increasingly important to take into account their environmental impact. Sustainability does not only concern the longevity of the product, but also the manufacturing material. Choosing brands that are committed to eco-responsible practices or brands that have eco-responsible labels can help reduce your ecological footprint while supporting sustainable manufacturing practices.

Many hiking shoe brands strive to minimize
their impact on the environment by using recycled materials and adopting manufacturing processes that reduce water consumption and
of energy. For example,Merrell , an outdoor brand present at Muule, offers a range of shoes using recycled materials for the laces, lining and sole.

Choosing brands that are committed to sustainability not only allows you to benefit from quality, environmentally friendly products but also to support initiatives that have a positive impact on the planet. As consumers, opting for greener brands or at least those with an environmental conscience is a step towards preserving our playgrounds!

The Muule Barometer: measuring the impact of hiking shoe brands

In an effort to promote transparency and encourage sustainable practices in the footwear industry, Muule has introduced an innovative tool
known as the Muule Barometer . This tool is designed to evaluate and rank hiking shoe brands based on their environmental and social impact. This initiative aims to inform consumers about companies' sustainable practices and encourage them to adopt production methods that are more respectful of the environment and human rights.

Impact on consumers and brands

The Muule Barometer helps consumers make informed choices when purchasing hiking shoes. By providing a transparent assessment of brand practices, Muule allows hikers to choose products that match not only their performance and comfort needs but also their ethical and environmental values.

For brands, the Barometer serves as motivation to continually improve their practices. Competition for higher rankings can encourage companies to innovate and invest in sustainable technologies, improve working conditions, and adopt greener policies.

What are the best brands of hiking shoes?

Choosing the best hiking shoes often depends on your personal needs, such as the type of terrain, the length of hikes, and your personal preferences for comfort and durability. The brands we select at Muule are recognized for their quality and performance in the field of hiking shoes.

At Muule we select technical and durable hiking equipment

Here are a few :

MERRELL : Known for its comfortable-out-of-the-box hiking shoes, Merrell perfectly combines comfort, durability and waterproof technology in its models.

SCARPA : with a strong reputation in the world of mountaineering and hiking, Scarpa
manufactures sturdy shoes that excel in durability and
performance on difficult terrain.

LOWA : A German brand with a long-standing reputation for quality. His
shoes are renowned for their comfort and support, even on treks
the most demanding.

MILLET : One of the references in hiking shoes which offers durable and
well designed whatever your level of hiking

MEINDL : One of the “dinosaurs” of the sector capable of providing you with models
of the most robust hiking shoes on the market. The budget is however
a little higher

VEJA : The eco-responsible brand has launched its hiking shoe model, the FITZROY
in 2023 with flying colors. The model is technically well designed and respects urban design for fans of the Parisian brand!

TREZETA : The Italian brand develops products to wear every day as well as when shipping to the other side of the world.
Trezeta takes advantage of its research and development center as well as its expertise to constantly offer products that are as innovative as they are comfortable.

ASOLO : the brand embodies the
durability thanks to careful manufacturing, ensuring a long life. For all levels and activities, from treks to expeditions, Asolo offers options for every adventurer.

HAGLOFS : Technically exemplary in textiles, the brand has done a lot to develop a range of lightweight and waterproof hiking shoes. The design of the latest models is
very attractive and the brand is investing more and more to reduce its environmental and social impacts. Haglofs remains one of the most popular brands
committed present on

Remember: each brand has its particularities and it is important to choose a shoe adapted to your foot and your activities. And once again our
team is on deck! We are available by phone or even at the Lyon warehouse to help you find the shoes that best meet your expectations in terms of comfort, functionality and protection.


Investing in a quality pair of hiking shoes is essential if you want to explore nature in safety and comfort. By following these ten tips, you will ensure better comfort but also a great hiking experience. Whether your adventures take you on local trails or through demanding mountain landscapes, the right pair of shoes will make the difference.

The Muule Barometer revolutionizes the way the impacts of hiking shoe brands are measured and perceived. By highlighting company practices, Muule does not just offer sustainable products. There are also efforts to transform the footwear industry into a more responsible and transparent sector.

Hiking shoes: the essential ally for your outdoor outings

Article written by Martin de Muule on May 14, 2024.

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