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Want to escape for 24 hours to disconnect from the urban jungle?

A priori we have what you need: 2 days in bivouac at Pas de l'Aiguille in the Vercors massif. A getaway accessible alone, with friends or with family which begins in the undergrowth then takes you to breathtaking viewpoints.


Practical information :

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Ideal season: spring, summer, autumn
  • Average level
  • Kids friendly: yes
  • Starting point: Richardière car park in Chichilianne (38)


Why do we validate?

The Pas de l'Aiguille is the opportunity to penetrate the heart of the most beautiful landscapes of the Vercors. Especially with Mont Aiguille constantly in the background. If you are not used to bivouac it is also a great playground to spend your first night in the mountains under the stars. Added to this is the little historical touch since the spot was an emblematic territory of the resistance fighters during the Second World War, as evidenced on site by a memorial to the resistance in Vercors.

Finally, when it comes to fauna and flora, you will be served: marmots, ibexes galore and if you are lucky you will perhaps see one or two golden eagles on the lookout. At nightfall, it is not impossible to hear the wolves singing.



All you have to do is open a “Hiking with 1 night in bivouac” checklist in your Muule locker room . There you will find all the material to take and little things to think about!

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