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The Swedish brand is at the forefront of sustainable development. Smart innovations as well as the well-known and successful concept of “reuse, reduce, recycle” are part of Silva's strategy for the future, called Silva Terra.

Status obtained at the Muule barometer

Beginning of commitment

Eco-design of products 30.0 sur 100.0

Silva, through its Terra approach, is committed to the design of products that are both more sustainable and more responsible. Its latest innovation, the Terra Scout headlamp, won the ISPO 2022 award and the Scandinavian outdoor sustainability award thanks to its design combining hemp fibers and recycled plastic. And gradually, all the products in the range will be affected

Production line 10.0 sur 100.0

The brand manufactures mainly in Asia, with many challenges to overcome to improve its production chain, due to the entire electronic part of its products.

Corporate Social Responsability 50.0 sur 100.0

Silva is a partner in the Swedish Cake initiative which provides electric bush bikes to help the Southern African Wildlife College combat poaching. The brand also equips teams with its most advanced headlamps. Silva also encourages women's practice of running in the forest with her Forest Femmes groups, the aim of which is to alleviate fears of insecurity relating to solo practice. Finally every autumn, Silva, together with the Swedish Orienteering Association, awards the Silvastipendiet Care More to a person or association who has done something extra for the environment, inclusion or equality in the sport of orienteering.


The selection SILVA

Swedish brand , SILVA was founded in 1933 by Björn, Alvar and Arvid Kjellström who that year invented the very first liquid-filled compass, establishing a global reference standard still used today. Building on this success, they diversified by seeking to improve headlamps , which were then very underpowered. and mainly used by minors

Since then, the brand has continued to develop products (headlamps, compasses, backpacks and hydration vests) for outdoor activities : running, skiing, hiking, mountaineering, etc.

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