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SEA TO SUMMIT : votre marque référence meals and cutlery, sleeping bags

For Sea to Summit, it is imperative to preserve the current environment so that future generations of adventurers can enjoy it. The brand is taking significant steps to improve its environmental impact and is committed to transparency to ensure its actions.

Status obtained at the Muule barometer

Quite commited

Eco-design of products 63.0 sur 100.0

More and more products are integrating eco-design efforts and 100% are subject to the “Bluesign” standard for the use of chemical substances that are not harmful to health and the environment. Animal materials (feathers) are also “RDS” certified to preserve animal welfare. Their packaging is made from recycled materials. Finally, products with high added values ​​are repairable and a second-hand resale system is implemented on specialized platforms.

Production line 63.0 sur 100.0

The brand owns its manufacturing plant, which allows it to best control working conditions. The factories are also certified via the “SA 8000” standard. Finally, all product transport is done by boat or truck, no transport is done by plane.

Corporate Social Responsability 70.0 sur 100.0

People always come first at Sea to Summit, whether for company employees or production line workers. They also work on their climate impact to try to reduce it and preserve the playgrounds on which they depend through support for local associations: "Leave No Trace", "The Conservation Alliance", "City Kids", "Sheltersuit fundation ".


The selection SEA TO SUMMIT

SEA TO SUMMIT is an Australian brand specializing in the design and manufacture of outdoor and adventure equipment. Since 1984 and the incredible journey of its founders, the Australian brand has provided the best equipment for lovers of outdoor sports and nature activities.

SEA TO SUMMIT is committed to offering high-quality, innovative and durable products for adventurers around the world: meals, cutlery, waterproof bags, meat bags, sleeping bags... Each SEA TO SUMMIT product proves to be resistant, light, functional and agile for all outdoor escapades.

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