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Why choose Ferrino?

Opt for Ferrino means choosing a pioneering brand in the outdoor world, renowned for its innovation, superior quality and commitment to adventurers from all walks of life. Specializing in hiking, camping and mountaineering equipment, Ferrino stands out for its diverse offering that meets the most demanding requirements of outdoor activity enthusiasts. Find out why Ferrino is the perfect choice for your adventures.

  • Cutting-edge innovation

Ferrino stands out for its innovative approach, developing products that incorporate the latest technological advances to enhance the outdoor experience. From ultralight tents to ergonomic backpacks, every Ferrino gear is designed to deliver performance and reliability.

  • Quality and durability

Quality is a top priority for Ferrino. Using premium materials and advanced manufacturing processes, Ferrino guarantees the durability of its equipment, faithfully accompanying you on all your escapades.

  • Comfort and functionality

Aware that comfort is essential to the success of any adventure, Ferrino designs its products with an emphasis on ergonomics and practicality. Each item is designed to offer maximum comfort, even in the most demanding conditions.

  • Design and versatility

Combining modern aesthetics and versatility, Ferrino equipment is designed to adapt to a wide range of outdoor activities. With neat and functional designs, Ferrino allows adventurers to equip themselves with style and efficiency.

Ferrino facing Muule's eco-responsible barometer:

Ferrino, passionate about natural spaces and the emotions they provide, is committed to a sustainable business approach, aiming to create value while respecting and protecting the environment. The brand aligns its mission with the approach of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC), targeting six fundamental capitals: financial, productive, social, intellectual, human and environmental, highlighting a balanced and multidimensional strategy. Classified as “Fairly committed” in the Muule Barometer with an eco-design rated at 63/100, Ferrino shows significant efforts for the sustainability of its products. 60% of the tents sold are made from recycled materials, and half of the textile range follows the same principle. All the feathers used are RDS certified, avoiding animal abuse, and an in-house textile and tent repair workshop ensures the longevity of the products. In its production chain, rated at 50/100, more than 56% of Ferrino's suppliers have social and environmental certifications, representing 96% of production volumes. The brand also minimizes the use of air travel to reduce its carbon footprint. In terms of social responsibility, also rated 50/100, Ferrino's CSR commitment is integrated into its governance. Rigorous monitoring of the factory's energy consumption is implemented, reflecting responsible resource management. In summary, Ferrino stands out for its commitment to combining passion for the outdoors and environmental responsibility, working for sustainability while offering quality products that respect nature and promote responsible adventure.

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