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Circle is CRAFT 's guiding principle for sustainability, from product design to delivery.

Its objective is simple: to encourage conscious choices that minimize environmental impact without reducing quality and performance.

Status obtained at the Muule barometer

Beginning of commitment

Eco-design of products 32.0 sur 100.0

For the brand, sustainable clothing is clothing that is tirelessly functional day after day, year after year. Clothing that stays used twice as long reduces its environmental impact by 49%. That's why every Craft base layer comes with a lifetime warranty starting from the AW 2022 season. Additionally from 2022, the brand has introduced circular models that further extend their life cycle. Finally, By 2030, the goal is to reduce total carbon emissions by 30% and for 20% of products to be offered through circular programs.

Production line 38.0 sur 100.0

The brand is increasingly manufacturing in its European factories, with a goal by 2030 that 50% of clothing will be produced closer to the markets for which it is intended, reducing the need for long-distance transport. Regarding materials, it is increasingly using recycled polyester made from used PET bottles, requiring 70% less energy and reducing the fabric's carbon emissions by 70%. Some products are made from Seaqual material, a sustainable raw material made from marine waste, such as end-of-life fishing nets. Finally, wool products all meet the RSW standard focused on environmental sustainability and animal welfare. It also uses a dyeing method where the dye is fused with the synthetic fiber rather than added to the finished fabric, requiring 75% less water in the production process and reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions. by 30%.

Corporate Social Responsability 47.0 sur 100.0

Craft is a member of the Swedish Textile Initiative for Climate Action, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a roadmap for the Swedish clothing and textile industry with the aim of reducing carbon emissions. greenhouse effect beyond the 1.5°C warming objective. The brand also makes the Clean Shipping Index (CSI), a non-profit organization working for clean shipping to achieve environmental progress in the shipping industry. Finally, Craft is increasing its initiatives to get people moving. The brand's leitmotif is to exist to inspire athletes of all levels, all ages, to take an active part in their personal health and well-being.


The selection CRAFT

Performance is at the heart of the CRAFT brand. Since 1973, when Swedish inventor Anders Bengtsson went out running with the very first set of Craft underwear, the brand has kept athletes dry and at optimal body temperature in all weather conditions. The more recently launched range of running and trail shoes reflects this requirement.

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