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COUREUR DU DIMANCHE : votre marque référence local and responsible sports locker room

COUREUR DU DIMANCHE offers a meaningful sports locker room, both local and responsible. Sustainable and committed sportswear.

To do this, their approach is radical: they work in a short circuit with exclusively French manufacturers, recycled materials, upcycled scraps and sustainable production.

Status obtained at the Muule barometer

Very commited

Eco-design of products 69.0 sur 100.0

Short-sleeved and long-sleeved sports t-shirts, headbands and caps are made from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles. Each Coureur Du Dimanche jersey is made from 12 recycled plastic bottles. The materials are GRS certified. This process significantly reduces the carbon footprint of the product. The production of a Coureur Du Dimanche jersey requires -94% water, -60% energy and -32% CO2 compared to a classic polyester sports jersey

Production line 88.0 sur 100.0

At Coureur Du Dimanche, the number 1 selection criterion for any partner manufacturer is its geographical location. Each manufacturer is French and based in France, if possible as close as possible to the brand's offices. They favor short circuits. The brand has chosen local manufacturing and supports employment (100 jobs supported) and the French economy. This choice ensures traceability, better monitoring and respect for working conditions.

Corporate Social Responsability 70.0 sur 100.0

Donations to associations and project support via the brand's column: "Belles initiatives" which brings together projects and initiatives undertaken that are both eco-responsible and/or made in France



Created by running enthusiasts, COUREUR DU DIMANCHE is a French brand aimed at all runners, whether beginners or experienced. It designs quality clothing and accessories to accompany you in all your sporting adventures, from a quick Sunday morning jog to the most intense competitions.

COUREUR DU DIMANCHE is the combination of performance, comfort and eco-responsibility.

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