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What's the worst for a cyclist? Losing control.

Saddle up Giselle! With family, friends, as a couple or alone, cycling is always synonymous with memorable adventures . More authentic than a car trip, faster than hiking... Cycling is life.

This summer, set off to discover our superb regions… by pedaling!

Looking for the ideal route? We give you our Top 5 of the most popular destinations for cycle hikers in 2024 . In France, there is no shortage of routes and opportunities for cycling. So you might as well take advantage of it.

Plan your next adventure now!

5. The ViaRhôna from Geneva to Lyon.

  • 4 days of travel
  • Departure : Geneva
  • Arrival : Lyon
  • You cycle between 43 km and 67 km per day.

On the menu: this itinerary is the perfect deal for those who want to see all the colors: mountains , rivers , vineyards , but also city life , with the departure from Geneva and the arrival in Lyon.

Please note: The trail passes through Pérouges, a fortified medieval village classified among the Most Beautiful Villages in France . Or how to make the other villages "red" ;)

The charming town of Seyssel.

4. Southern Burgundy, from Chalon to Mâcon.

  • 4 days of trip
  • Departure : Chalon-sur-Saône
  • Arrival : Chalon-sur-Saône (the route makes a loop)
  • You cycle between 30 km and 51 km per day.

On the menu: probably the most beautiful landscapes of Burgundy . Pedal through the heart of prestigious vineyards , visit sites with a rich cultural heritage , including numerous Romanesque monuments... Saddle up and get ready to go back in time!

Please note: on the way, visit Cluny Abbey , it is worth the detour. We also recommend wine tastings , after all it is also part of Burgundian heritage... Cheers!

Burgundian vineyard fields.

3. Three days of cycling in the heart of the largest castles of the Loire.

  • 3 days of trip
  • Departure : Blois
  • Arrival : Chenonceau
  • You cycle between 40 km and 45 km per day.

On the menu: if royalty, prestigious castles and French gardens make you dream, go for this trip. On the nature side, you alternate between the banks of the Loire, forest roads and vineyards . France, what?

Namely: Want to do your arms too (in addition to your legs)? Canoe trips are offered on the Loire, to appreciate the region in a different way than by bike.

The famous Château de Chambord.

2. The Canal du Midi from Toulouse to Sète.

  • 5 days of travel
  • Departure : Toulouse
  • Arrival : Sète
  • You cycle between 40 km and 63 km per day.

On the menu: along the water, cycle between vineyards, hills and castles . And finally the Mediterranean beaches . Passing through the splendid city of Carcassonne from which you can admire unmissable panoramas of the region.

Did you know ? The Canal du Midi was dug during the reign of Louis XIV to connect the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean.

The city of Carcassonne.

1. The Vélodyssée from Arcachon to Hendaye.

  • 5 days of trip
  • Departure : Arcachon
  • Arrival : Hendaye
  • You cycle between 30 km and 65 km per day.

On the menu: pine forests, dunes, wild beaches, picturesque ledges . A treat, indeed.

Did you know ? The Vélodyssée is a 1,300 km cycle route that crosses Brittany and the Basque Coast , with 80% of car - free routes. For the most motivated, you can therefore start from Brittany rather than Arcachon.

The Basque town of Hendaye.

Whether going to work every day or for a week-long trip in the countryside, it's better to have the right gear. Bags , helmets , textiles ... you will find all the equipment for cycling trips on

Our equipment, signed by the biggest brands ( Ortlieb , Deuter , Vaude ) is chosen for its quality, durability and functionality, to offer you the best possible experience during your trips.

So go to our Bike section to equip yourself, and all you have to do is hop on your bike to set off on an adventure!

Article written by Solenn de Muule on June 6, 2024.

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