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Born in Norway - designed in Switzerland. Sustainability has always been part of Odlo's DNA. The logo, the propeller, represents the company's three fundamental values: responsibility, action and transparency. These three core values ​​represent the three dimensions the brand uses to approach sustainability: We Care, We Act, We Share.

Status obtained at the Muule barometer

Quite commited

Eco-design of products 50.0 sur 100.0

More than 50% of the materials used are made from recycled, biosourced or responsible materials. All animal materials are certified to preserve their well-being (RDS / RWS). The brand offers a repair service in all countries where the products are sold as well as a collection service for end-of-life products to facilitate their recycling.

Production line 88.0 sur 100.0

In addition to being a member of the "Fair Wear Foundation" and therefore auditing all product manufacturers, ODLO also monitors the energy status of its material suppliers. Finally, more than 50% of product volumes are manufactured in Europe.

Corporate Social Responsability 70.0 sur 100.0

ODLO offers a clear strategy for reducing its environmental and social impact, with announced and ambitious objectives. A full CSR report is available.


The selection ODLO

Odlo was born in Norway more than 70 years ago out of a need to create high-quality clothing that could perform in the most inhospitable weather conditions.

The brand invented functional sports underwear and has continued to innovate since 1946, creating quality products for every lifestyle, for use all year round.

Odlo draws on its Norwegian heritage and Swiss expertise to craft modern, functional and comfortable sportswear.

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