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Do you need a new pair of running shoes but don't know how to choose from the dozens of models available on the market?

Don't panic, Muule has put together a short advice guide to help you find the right pair of shoes, whether your priority is comfort or performance, whether you run occasionally or regularly, on the road or on trails.

Type of terrain: Road or Trail

The first element to take into account is the terrain on which you will mainly operate, namely, Running on roads or Trail running on trails , because the constraints are not the same.

The practice of running on Road requires greater cushioning because impacts on asphalt are much more traumatic for muscles, tendons and joints.

For the Trail , priority is obviously given to grip with notched soles, as well as support for the foot and ankle , in order to guarantee traction and stability. The design is also more robust to provide the necessary resistance to abrasion and impact, especially with stones.

It should be noted that there are also mixed shoes , ideal for runners who like to alternate outings on asphalt and smooth natural terrain, and who do not wish to have multiple pairs of shoes. An especially interesting solution for recreational runners.

Road or Trail: it’s up to you depending on your favorite playground!

Distance type

In addition to the terrain, your choice can be guided according to
of the distance of your exits. The longer the distance , the more cushioning and comfort must be favored in order to guarantee identical sensations throughout the effort and to preserve your body.

Over shorter distances , we can move towards models more focused on dynamism and lightness .

However, all of this must be weighed according to your body type . Generally speaking, lightweights will opt for a pair of shoes combining nervousness and lightness while “heavy” runners (> 85 kg for men and > 70 kg for women) will favor foot and ankle support, a great stability, and great cushioning, particularly in the heel, with for example a high-density foam sole.

Cushioning or dynamism: a choice guided by your practice and your body type

Intensity of effort

Beyond the distance, the look and the type of outings play a major role in the choice of your shoes.

If your goal is to go on occasional outings or for training or recovery outings at a moderate pace , opt for a model with a comfortable fit, offering a good level of cushioning, with a relatively high rear sole height. This difference in height between the heel and the toe is what we call the drop, and generally varies from 0 to 13 mm.

The higher the value, the more cushioning the shoe offers , regardless of how you place your foot. A drop of more than 8 mm thus limits injuries to the calf and heel for beginner runners with low technical skills. A large drop will also suit very well strong builds.

Beginners and runners with weak joints will turn to a high drop...

Conversely, the lower the value, the more the foot is
flat and offers sensations
. A drop of 0 to 6 mm therefore guarantees better performance but requires good stride technique. This kind of model
is therefore suitable for intermediate to experienced runners , for outings at at least 12 km/h (<5 min per kilometer).

If you are looking for performance, a pair of shoes with a low drop and balanced or even dynamic cushioning will allow you to chase lap times. Often lighter, with a one-piece mesh upper design, these shoes are on the other hand less durable, with a lifespan closer to 500 km (compared to 1,000 km for a pair more focused on comfort/leisure).

...while a low drop will be reserved for experienced and fast runners

Choice of size

When it comes to shoes, and especially running shoes, choosing the right size can seem complicated since sizes vary depending on the brand .

To be sure you choose the right size, place your strong foot (supporting foot) flat on a sheet of paper and draw its outline. Then measure the distance between the two ends. As the foot expands with effort and heat, add 0.5 cm to the measurement obtained and refer to the size guide tables that you find on each product sheet when choosing the size.

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