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Committed to environmental responsibility, ASOLO combines adventure and ecological awareness. It thus recognizes the importance of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

The brand strives to reduce its environmental footprint by using sustainable materials and adopting eco-friendly manufacturing practices.

This commitment to sustainability reflects Asolo's long-term vision for preserving the natural wonders we love to explore.

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The selection ASOLO

Renowned Italian brand of hiking shoes founded several decades ago, ASOLO has established itself as an essential reference in terms of innovation, quality and performance for adventurers and nature lovers. Merging tradition and modernity, it innovates with ergonomic designs and cutting-edge materials.

Each pair embodies durability through careful manufacturing, ensuring a long life. For all levels and activities, from treks to expeditions, Asolo offers options for every adventurer.

High, mid or low uppers, explore the range of shoes designed for adventure and environment enthusiasts.

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